Philadelphia Comic-Con November 14, 2021 -- It's better than seeing your family!

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I work from home. My wife works from home. My kids' after school activities are still limited. WE SEE TOO MUCH OF EACH OTHER! So it's good that there's a show at the Clarion Hotel this Sunday so we can spend a few hours away from each other.

So from 10 to 4, you too can avoid your family and buy some great comics. 

Masks are required for those unvaccinated (and I'll be wearing one too just because I'm that sort of a guy). 

No early birds!

Admission is $4 and parking is free. Door prizes are back, so you can win $25 con cash every hour!

Clarion hotel 
76 Industrial Highway 
Essington, PA 19029


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Hope this show goes well.  I set up at a small local show last weekend and it was a lot like the old pre-covid days and great fun.  Our small local show didn't allow anyone in without proof of vaccination and required everyone to wear masks so I felt quite safe.

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Wow! What a tremendous show on Sunday. My wall got decimated with most buyers (and there were a whole bunch of buyers with deep pockets in the room) looking for keys of all genre and eras. Even sold a bunch of DC silver age which has been softer at other shows the past few months. One new vendor to the con came all the way down from CT. He started with a full table and left carrying one half box out of the show at 4 pm when the con ended. Looking forward to the next one which is December 26th. 

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