CLOSED FOR NOW: PM if interested - Star Wars: Black Series, Moderns, Comic or Two, Lego, Added the Barge with things as a Lot - OK some Vintage (Vintage Luke Jedi MOC Lot) but closes Sunday evening.
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Knights of the Old Republic - 3.75" Tougher figure to assemble from the Build a droid waves. 











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Moroff from Rogue One - $7

This is a larger action figure standing 4.5" tall set against the 3.75" base scale.   He is also a wider character in bulk.  Unlike a lot of eBay listings.  Mine is complete. 




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Starkiller Galen Marek (2014)

Juno Eclipse - Force Unleashed Figure Pack 1 (2010)

Proxy - Force Unleashed Figure Pack 2 (2010)

$100 for all three. 







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The following is for local pickup only and cash in hand in denominations of $20's and $10's.  I live on the South Shore of Long Island.  My friend was recently passed a few fake $100's on a sneaker transaction.  

The Battle Of Carkoon Lot - $2750

Yes, I know this is on the higher end but you get to pick one up locally along with a crew of to man it and some prisoners to torture and execute... unless one gets ahold of a lightsaber. 

If it doesn't sell, I will hang onto it as the equivalent to Star Wars as to what the Aircraft Carrier was to GI Joe.

You get:

  1. The Khetanna - Haslab Sail Barge - Factory Sealed with Behind the Scenes Guide.
  2. Yak Face MOC on POTF with Coin - Sealed inside the Khetanna
  3. Jabba the Hutt  - Sealed inside the Khetanna
  4. The Tatooine Skiff - MISB Factory Sealed
  5. Gamorrean Guard MOC
  6. Gamorrean Guard MOC (Second one)
  7. Lando Sandstorm Deleted Scene 
  8. Han Solo Sandstorm Deleted Scene
  9. Luke Skywalker Sandstorm Deleted Scene
  10. Chewbacca Sandstorm Deleted Scene
  11. Vizam (2013 Version Dark Deck Gun)
  12. Vizam (2019 Version Silver Deck Gun)
  13. Vedain 
  14. Nikto Gunner
  15. Brock Starsher
  16. Weequay Skiff Master
  17. Yarna D'Al Gargan
  18. Giran (Rancor Keeper)

Additional Pictures are from the Hasbro site - HERE

Additional Pictures from the Rebelscum Photo Review - HERE

Khettana has never been opened.  That's on you if you buy it and you can check the seals.  If you live locally this is a cash pickup.  

Buzz, how much for JUST the Khetanna... $2750 and I will graciously throw in the other figures for free.   












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Salacious Crumb - Vintage

Sealed in Kenner Baggie - $9

There is an outer protective bag over the original baggie.




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