High end OA from the original Shamus Masterworks collection at Heritage today, 11/18 and 11/19/ Lee, Jones, Kieth, Saviuk, Frazetta, Quesada, Bagley and more

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High end OA from the original Shamus Modern Masterworks collection at auction today on Heritage.

Tried holding these as long as I could but family comes first.

Vintage promotional Jim Lee PWJ with every character 

Vintage Kelley Jones Knightfall Batman 

Vintage Sam Kieth Maxx 1/2 cover

Vintage Alex Saviuk and Klaus Janson Marvel Comics Presents #2 front and back covers with claws out Wolverine 

Vintage Quesada Azrael piece

Double sided Frank Frazetta watercolor study with ink Frazetta Girk on reverse side 

Bagley Maximum Carnage with Venom vs Carnage

Aparo Batman Knightfall page with Bane


Here’s the link:



Best of luck!


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