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honestly, unless you're doing Express or Walkthrough (both pretty expensive and obviously worth it in some cases), just mail them then forget about them.  Think of them like a mini fun (and hopefully valuable) time capsule you are sending to your future self.  

If you are the type of person out there counting days and getting mad, don't submit.

If you can't live the uncertainty as they sit there in boxes for months before entering the system, don't submit. 

Which isn't to say you shouldn't give the company constructive feedback if you do submit and they don't meet your expectations, you definitely should.  BUT just for your own well-being, if you're the type of person to stress about it in anyway, its probably not worth it.  Unless as previously stated you're using express or walkthrough, which means that A) things will be way faster and B) we're talking serious impact moneys.

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