Just became Associate member but can't submit
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Hello!  I just signed up and paid for an associate ($25) membership

However when I go to the submission form it still will not allow me to access the online form (says I need to upgrade memberships still)

How long until my membership takes effect?

Thanks for your help

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  • Administrator

Good morning,

After you sign up for a paid membership, you'll want to log out completely and then log back in for that upgrade to take effect.  Once you log back in that should allow you access to the online form.  Also, make sure you don't have anything currently in your shopping cart that you put in before you upgraded your membership.  If you did, you'll want to delete those items and re-enter them after you have logged out and logged back in. 

If you try this and still experience an issue, you can reach our customer service department at 877-662-6642 or by email at submissions@cgccomics.com and they can offer more assistance.  Thank you!

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