New art on eBay ending Nov 22, Sienkiewicz, Wrightson, Darwyn Cooke, Ryan Sook, Tony Harris, Mike Mignola's BPRD

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I've posted some original art pieces on eBay, ending Monday, November 22:


PUNISHER WAR JOURNAL V2 #23 original comic cover art KAARE ANDREWS Hit Monkey


Johnny Craig UNENDING NIGHTMARES #6 cover art TALES FROM THE CRYPT Psycho Santa


Bernie Wrightson THE GHOUL #1 original preliminary cover art CREEPSHOW artist


Bill Sienkiewicz HARLEY QUINN #7 variant original cover art preliminary DC Joker


Darwyn Cooke INVINCIBLE RETURNS #1 original cover art prelim, Amazon series


Dan Hipp AMAZING JOY BUZZARDS #1 published inside back cover comic art, vampire


Ryan Sook original cover art designs for GREEN LANTERN BRIGHTEST DAY, 5 pages


Will Eisner's THE SPIRIT original cover quality art by DAN SCHKADE


Mike Mignola's HELLBOY B.P.R.D. 1954 THE BLACK SUN #1 pg4 art Stephen Green


Tony Harris STAR WARS C-3PO #1 pg20 SIGNED Anthony Daniels original comic art


MARX BROTHERS original ad art, Close Shave by Al Kilgore, Groucho and Harpo


The Shadow: Year One #1 Original Sketch Cover Art, Wilfredo Torres, Matt Wagner


Punisher Monkey4.jpg

Johnny Craig6.jpg


Bill Sienkiewicz_Harley Quinn3.jpg

Darwyn Cooke_Invincible_pic2.jpg

Hutt_Joy Buzzards actual.jpg

Sook_Brightest Day8.jpg


Hellboy BPRD 1954_pic0.jpg

Tony Harris_Star Wars5.jpg


Shadow sketch cover5.jpg

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