White Smudges on Inner CGC Slab
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Hey, can anyone shed some light on what could have caused these spots on the inner slab? I have about 25 other graded books and none of the slabs have these spots on them.  The seller stated they did not see the spots when they were packaging up the comic for shipment (they personally had it graded in early October 2021) and as soon as I opened the package, the first thing I saw were the spots.  They were not visible in the original ad or just hidden extremely well due to the angle of the pictures.




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This^ Although I would say it removes $30 to $50 because I would spend that much more for a non scuff case. 

Tell me a few of your books have the inch or 2 scuff lines? If not then you better go play the lottery. I wouldn't think it would be possible to buy 25 slabs and not get any scuff lines.

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