ComicConnect Event Auction #48 is underway!
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ComicConnect’s Event Auction #48 is live with over 300 pieces of original art up for bidding!

The art session ends on Monday December 13th.

Gil Kane The Inhumans #1 cover

Jerry Robinson Batman #14, page 10

Jerry Robinson Detective Comics #79, page 12

Jim Lee, Mike Grell, Chris Warner, Mark Beachum DC Character Jam

Mike Mignola, Adam Hughes, Steve Rude, Matt Wagner, Denys Cowan, Larry Stroman Marvel Character Jam

Jack Kirby Artist's Tribute Banner #1

Jack Kirby Artist's Tribute Banner #2

Barry Smith Conan the Barbarian #6, page 3

Mike Allred Sandman #54, page 14

Nick Cardy Superman #275 cover

Jack Kirby Captain America #200, page 15

Jack Kirby Gunsmoke Western #70, page 5

Joe Sinnott Where Soars The Silver Surfer - inks over Kirby pencils giclee

Gene Colan Tomb of Dracula #35, page 1 splash

John Buscema Thor #211 page 6 splash

John/Sal Buscema Fantastic Four #299 page 19

John Byrne Superman & Batman: Generations 3 #6 cover

Don Heck Tales of Suspense #46, page 3 - 1st Crimson Dynamo!

Don Heck Avengers #12, page 19

Gil Kane The New Adventures of Superboy #41 cover

Joe Kubert Punisher: War Zone #33 cover

Larry Lieber Rawhide Kid #71 cover

Humberto Ramos Nova #11 cover

Gary Frank Batman #23 cover

Mike Sekowsky Brave and the Bold #29, page 2 - 2nd Justice League!

Kurt Schaffenberger Master Comics #112, page 6

Marshall Rogers Marvel Tales #130 Spider-Man pin-up

Dave Sim Cerebus #70, page 6

Mark Bagley Ultimate Spider-Man #87 cover

Terry Beatty Comic Buyer's Guide #402 cover

Ruddy Navarro Comic Buyer's Guide #442 cover

Simon Bisley New Avengers #2 Kirby Monster variant cover

Bob Brown Warlock #6, page 14

Reilly Brown Mrs. Deadpool and the Howling Commandos #2 cover

Ernie Bushmiller 6/4/1941 Nancy daily

Al Capp 9/8/1944 Li'l Abner daily

Will Conrad Birds of Prey #87 cover

Johnny Craig Iron Man #25, page 19

Alan Davis Thanos: The Infinity Siblings, pages 63-64 double splash

Luis Dominguez Ghosts #76 cover

14 Ed Brubaker/Steve Epting/Michael Lark Captain America pages from issues 1-6!

Russ Heath Glamourpuss #19 pin-up

Tom Lyle Spider-Man #36 cover prelim - Spidey, Venom, and Carnage!

David Martin TSR The Mail Order Hobby Shop 1988 cover

Mike Mignola Cosmic Odyssey #1, page 27

Dean Motter Mister X: Razed #2 cover

Paul Neary The Thing #34, page 1 splash

George Perez Avengers #200, page 12

Joe Rubinstein Ms. Marvel #19 cover recreation

James Sherman Alpha Flight #83 alternate cover

Bill Sienkiewicz painted Legion portrait

Andy Smith X-O Manowar/Iron Man; Heavy Metal title page illo

Curt Swan Superman #276, page 20

Herb Trimpe G.I. Joe Special Missions #17, page 16

George Tuska/Johnny Craig Iron Man #16, page 15

George Tuska Justice League of America #153, page 32   

Rick Veitch Swamp Thing/Man-Thing illustration

David Wenzel The Hobbit (revised edition), page 43

Shelly Moldoff Batman/Hawkman/Spectre/Moon Girl illustrations

John Pasche Rolling Stones Lips logo painting

Large assortment of animation art and cels

All of the art in the auction can be found here.

There’s also an assortment of vintage comic shop promo posters, many of them signed, including several by Frank Miller, and a huge collection of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles items, including artwork, rare comics, toys and other memorabilia.

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The art session of the auction is ending tonight! Beginning at 7:00 eastern time. And don’t miss out on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle session tomorrow that has art and sketch covers available as well  

All the artwork can be found here.

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Not sure if this was part of the main auction or a separate sale, but this is a significant number on this Adams Superman-

Beautiful piece that was on the wall during the last show. Congrats to the new owner!


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