Grading a comic with a missing ad page
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I have a lower-grade copy of Amazing Spider-Man #1 that is missing the last ad page.  The story is complete and the comic is a GD 2.0 to GD/VG 3.0 other than that.  I am going to have quite a few books (80+) in my collection graded in the coming year (prior to sale) and am not certain if this one should be included.  How does CGC document a missing page that does not impact the story?  If the label is going to say "incomplete" with no further explanation, then I would be better off selling the comic ungraded.  Any idea as to how this is addressed?  I researched the Overstreet Grading Guide and a number of books of Go Collect, and could not get a feel for it. 

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Good morning,

Thanks for your message. I checked with our graders on this and they advised that generally it will depend on the condition of the book as to whether we give it a qualified label or a universal label.  If the rest of the book is a 3.5 or better, usually we will give it a qualified label.  If the rest of the book is under 3.5 we would give it a universal label.  

We will also notate that a page is missing on the label and we would call the book incomplete.  We will notate, however, if that missing page affects the story or not.  

If you have any other questions, please let us know.  Thank you!

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