Comical's items in Heritage next weekly: Silver ASM/DD/FF including 48 8.5/Flash including 86 and 123; GA Dark Mysteries 2; Eerie; Exposed SOTI; Fight 52 9.4 (2nd high); Fight 70 9.2 WHITE (2nd high); Gem Comics 1; Green Mask 1; Human Torch 27 7.0
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Hello fellow boardies,

I have 87 books in the upcoming weekly Heritage auction. You can check them out here: Heritage Auctions Search, Sunday & Monday Comic Books Select Auction 122148 [52 793 794 791 1893 792 2088 4294943067 4294967021] (

Quite a mix of books with mostly GA/SA and a few GGA and hopefully something for everyone. Please check it out and bid, bid, bid if anything strikes your fancy. Please let me know any questions and thank you!

Comical Situations

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On 11/27/2021 at 10:14 AM, Comical Situations said:

Thank you!

I collect giant hand GA/SA (I only have about a dozen) and you had a few in there! Slabbed isn't my goal but I had to throw some tracking bids in there. And Green Lama!

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