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General Rules: 

  • No PL or HOS members.  
  • I’ll take it  in thread trumps any PM negotiations that aren't final.  PM negotiations are only final when post is marked Sold.
  • Please PM me with any questions, comments or concerns.


  • Paypal, Check or Money Order Only.  
  • Checks must clear before book is shipped.  
  • Payment due in 7 days, unless other arrangement made.


  • US shipping only. 
    • USPS Priority in US:  1-2 books $8.70; 3+ books $16.25.


  • Returns are accepted within 7 days of receiving item.  I inspect each book before listing.  Buyer pays return shipping (unless I missed something major).  Buyer must notify me thru PM before returning item.

Board References:  Bunky Brian, buttock, Inaflash, MrBedrock, sacentaur, skypinkblu, Superworld.

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Action #285 (VG) $40: 12th Legion app.

½” split top spine, CF loose bottom staple (can’t tell about next wrap, but appears attached), top staple firmly attached, ½” tear mid-FC edge, ¼” tear top FC, small stain FC, clean staples, Cream pages.

Action #285 FC (R&J).jpg

Action #285 BC (R&J).jpg

Action #285 CF.jpg

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Showcase #37 (F) $650: 1st Metal Men. Sold via PM

Bright colors and gloss, small tear edge FC, lite crease LRHC, small stains inside bottom FC (does not transfer to outside FC), slight tanning inside covers, NCB crease LLHC FC, clean & tight staples, C to OW pages.


Showcase #37 FC (R&J).jpg

Showcase #37 BC (R&J).jpg

Showcase #37 Ins FC.jpg

Showcase #37 CF2.jpg

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1st Appearance Lot $110:  
•    Adventure #266 (VG) 1st Aqua Girl
•    Brave & Bold #57 (G/VG; bug chews bottom FC; water stain bottom corner) 1st Metamorpho 
•    Brave & Bold #60 (G) 1st Wonder Girl


Brave & Bold #57 FC (R&J).jpg

Brave & Bold #57 BC (R&J).jpg

Brave & Bold #60 FC (R&J).jpg

Brave & Bold #60 BC (R&J).jpg

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