4 Dec---HAUNT OF FEAR 17 (Zombie Ingels added)
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References: As many as you could want, literally hundreds of sales over the years to Boardies.

Returns: 3rd party graded BUT I will accept, however return shipping dime is on you as I am paying for shipping out.

Any return within 3 days of receipt.

Shipping: INTERNATIONAL TRACKED TO YOUR DOOR. 1st class secure packaging as always.

Payment: Paypal OR Bank Transfer within 24 hours please.

First to confirm 'take it' in thread or by pm wins the book. First in-best dressed.

Book in a minute....

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Fantastic looking book for the grade.

Looks unpressed because of the plump spine,.

Beautiful rich colours, probably as nice a 3.0 as you will see.

OId school label.





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