[CLOSED for now] Marvel and other Copper-Modern, foreign editions, magazines et al.
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Hi everyone!
I’m running a sales thread which will feature some copper and modern Marvel books, some other modern books, a few foreign editions, some criticism magazines (Comics Journal, etc.) and pretty much anything which I will find to diversify.

God willing, I would like to run my WW2 period thread (including late 1930s and immediate post-war years), mostly non-USA, in December. In the meantime, a small mixed thread. :)

As a general rule, I always try to price fairly but I will not offer discounts. Of course I will combine shipping costs and try to have the less expensive options from Italy.

You can find my kudos thread here.

I try to grade books accurately but I’m no professional grader – mostly the grade listed is the grade I’d be satisfied with if I was the buyer.

IMPORTANT: I am based in Italy. Postage costs are what they are, so check the table below.

Rules: The first :takeit: (icon or text) in thread wins. You can purchase by PM but at your own risk – I will go by time stamp.

Payment methods accepted: Paypal, TransferWise. In case I already know you, International Bank transfers are fine. Please no people on the HoS or Probation list.

Shipping rates: I ship from Italy. Rates indicatively as follows (Zone 1 is Europe and UK, Zone 2 is Americas, Asia and Africa, and Zone 3 Oceania).
I am inclined to use Registered, as Airmail does not have a tracking number, but if we’re acquainted and you’re willing to take the risk I can ship via regular Airmail or with a cheaper option which could take more time.

For total amounts of over $300 I will ship to USA through registered courrier for a flat fee of $35. This will be good up to 2kg (approx 4,4 lbs.)

				Zone1	Zone2	Zone3

Airmail / 1-2 bks:		11.00	16.00	20.50 USD

Airmail / up to 8-10 bks:	13.50	21.00	27.00 USD

Airmail / up to 16-20 bks:	21.50	34.50	41.00 USD

Registered / 1-2 bks:		17.50	22.60	28.80 USD

Registered / up to 8-10 bks:	23.50	32.50	43.00 USD

Return policy: I generally do not offer returns as it would be impractical cost-wise from here, but in the unfortunate case I missed something drastic (like a cut out page or ad) I will make sure to make you whole.

Thanks for looking! :)

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On 11/28/2021 at 11:31 AM, vaillant said:

Ms. Marvel (v3) #6 (2nd printing)
First apperance of the Inventor.





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On 11/28/2021 at 11:36 AM, vaillant said:

Ms. Marvel (v3) #18
Last Days of Ms. Marvel.

FREE with any purchase.



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