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This is my second try submitting a book for grading.
 A much cherished Christmas present from my parents back in ‘90 or ‘91. They bought it at my comic store, don’t remember if they ever told me how much.  Has been in storage until last month. I’ve added some close ups of the price block. It looks like there are some very fine indentations from someone writing on something on top of this book.

Top edge of cover seems to have some waviness  not sure what would have caused this  

DE2CB71B-2AEA-4E6E-81FA-1E6EDCC48F67.thumb.jpeg.7f19129f3e15ec00421ffb4e347e8d1a.jpegIncluded some close ups to show the small mis-alignment of the book overall.
I’ve never had anything graded before, so I’m not sure what details to include, but I think these are relevant. 










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On 11/28/2021 at 8:57 PM, Ali Carpenter said:

Also thanks to you both for taking the time to give me your feedback! Really appreciated. I’m kinda shocked how tight a book has to be to get a high grade. 

So your book has some defects that you could press out or have pressed out (CGC offers this service or you can find someone reputable to do it before you send to CGC)

As for the grade the logo of Spidey on the cover in corner appears to have some indents and the back bottom right corner appears to have some colour rub/loss

As is I am around 8.5 and it might make it to 9.0 with a press. Clean I don’t think is necessary unless you can tell there is some contact dirt in the white areas (doesn’t appear to be)

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