Whiz Comics #1, Batman116 1st Batgirl, GL 59 1st Hal Jordan, Adv 260 1st Aquaman, FF 48 1st SS, ASM 194 1st Black Cat, HULK #2, AVENGERS 7,10,48, 55 (Stan Lee Sig) 57,MSH 12, 13 1ST Ms Marvel, 17, 18 1st Guardians FLASH 112 Key Superboy 68 1Bizaro & MORE!
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First :takeit:wins the prize, but I also accept PM.

No returns on CGC books, raw books are can be returned within 14 days Grading Satisfaction Guarantee for any reason, I accept paypal or money order/check.  I have been selling huge mega keys on the boards for years, check my feedback.  USPS boxed Priority Shipping with signature confirmation is a flat $15 on CGC books no matter how many books you buy ($7 for 1st class/raw in a box or envelope with boards with bubble wrap and signature confirmation), Canadian shipping will be actual shipping costs.  Anything in the ball park of $3K give or take and I prefer registered/Insured mail for your and my protection, so an extra $15 to help split those costs are appreciated.  All books are priced well below GPA to give my fellow board members a great deal below market, but I will accept PM's.

All purchases above $400 are also given optional payment terms up to 3 months (with a 10% or more deposit) to help you out with timing of funds, getting your next bonus/pay check/big sale etc.   Please PM me with any questions or requests/additional scans etc.

Check out my extensive major Key Kudos/Feedback! (Many Keys Bigger than these!)


Iron Man #1 CGC 8.0 WHITE PAGES! Nuff Said!  Past 12 months averaged $1,804 with a high sale price of $2,800!  Board Price $1,495.  

Incredible Hulk #2, 1st Green Hulk, 2nd Hulk overall. 2nd Rick Jones, General Ross & Betty Ross, 1st Toad Men.  Raw, complete and unrestored.  Looks to have had just a bit of tape removed from the spine at some point.  Mostly detached, but top staple somehow hanging on by a thread.  Rough, but perfectly respectable and complete entry complete level lower grade copy that is not missing any pages/coupons or huge cover sections etc.  I would say Fr/Gd 1.5 is the most accurate grade with a very recent 1.5 sale last month at $1,872 for comparison.  (this one is rising fast across the board).  Board price just $1,375 a whopping $500 BELOW GPA with a 14 day Grading Satisfaction Guarantee!

FLASH 112 CGC FN 6.0 FEATURING THE ORIGIN & 1ST ELONGATED MAN! (Ralph Dibny)   Average GPA of the last 3 sales was was $572 and grade vs price point is a sweet spot with the most recent 7.5 going for $1,250!   Board Price 15% Below GPA at just $485 for a great early silver age 1st Appearance/Origin Key!

Star Spangled #69 1947 Early Solo Golden Age Robin!  Solid VG/VG+,  Just typical VG range wear and tear, attached well at both staples, nice page quality, complete, no pieces missing!  A 3.5 recently sold for $800 per GPA as the only sale this past year not including a 9.6 that sold for $16,800 so you can throw out the 2020 prices just like on most other desired SA/GA keys!  Board Price Just $695 WELL BELOW the last 3.5 sale of $800 even though a VG/VG+ should be worth at least several hundred more than a 3.5! 14 Day Grading Satisfaction Guarantee!

I recently acquired a long time comic dealers personal Silver Age runs he has had tucked away in his basement since the early 80s! Many More Major & HOT Keys coming up later tonight and tomorrow after I get home from work and take some pics, research GPA market prices etc. (Everything priced to sell well below GPA market!)




hulk 2.jpg

hulk 2i.jpg


Flash 112.jpg

star spangled 69.jpg

star spangled 69b.jpg

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Superman #4 a virtual tie for the 1st Lex Luthor Qualified 3.0 range due to CFO  Last .5 sold for $581 in 2019, recent sales in higher grades show a 50-70% increase since then a restored 1.5 sold for $1,175 probably more similar in value to a qualified 3.0.  Small spine split at bottom, small/light water mark, cover detached.     Board Price $895.  

X-Men #1  1963 Holy Grail 1st X-Men/Mutants, complete and attached Fair 1.0, typical wear and tear, minor staining, shows almost 3.0 except for the corner bug chew.  The bug had an appetite for the corner margin only, just barely stays out of the panels!  $6,200 Over $200 Below most recent 1.0 GPA.

X-Men #2 2nd appearance of Earth favorite Mutant Super Heroes!  Strong 3.0 to almost 3.5, front cover shows VG/VG+ but the back has two larger edge tears and a small corner piece out.  90 day 3.0 GPA is $1,100 and I would take this over almost any 3.0 based on how well the front cover shows.  Only $895 over $200 Below GPA! 

Avengers 8 Key 1st Kang the Conquerer the primary villain and storyline in the upcoming Marvel movies!  3.0/3.5 range, complete with typical wear and tear for grade as seen in scan.  3.0 90 day GPA is $900 over 6 recent sales.  Only $775, go look around and try to beat that price anywhere!

Avengers 7 CGC 3.5 Early Baron Zemo, Odin, Loki, Enchantress $150 (Most recent GPA $168)

Avengers 10  Gd+ 2.5 range, $175, cheapest copy on all of ebay is $250 and up. Detached from the top staple, plenty of wear and 2" spine split, Reo signed this multiple times, don't get too excited, it's doubtful it was REO Speedwagon.  lol    1st Immortus Key from Loki's Live Action TV series.  No sales in this grade since early this year, but a 3.0 sold in July for $325 when this book started heating up with the Loki Disney series and overall Market take off.

Avengers 48 Strong 7.0 attractive upper mid grade just minor reading wear as expected for grade, 1st Black Knight as previewed in the end credits of the Eternals movie.   7.0 GPA is $976 and with clean and press this might make it to 7.5!  Board Price just $795 Nearly $200 Below market.  I also have a CGC graded 5.0 and 3.0, that I am too lazy to post pics of, inquire if highly interested. GPA $530/$230, 10% discount offered from GPA prices!

Avengers 53 8.0/8.5 range, 1st X-Men vs The Avengers, minor wear, very tiny micro tear bottom back cover, tiny rust stain transfer near spine that came from another book. $174 8.0 to $222 8.5 GPA.  Just $125!

Avengers 57 1st Vision.  I had a key graded almost exactly like this one that showed approx VF range but had a similar size corner crease and was still given a 6.5, but it depends on your grader and the day +/- 1/2 grade or so etc.  $580 90 day 6.5 GPA and the last 6.0 just sold for $650.  Only $475

Avengers # 141 CGC 9.6 1st George Perez, Immortus & Kang the Conquerer Story (the Next Thanos type bad guy for several upcoming Marvel movies)!  GPA $200 Board Price $185













avengers 10.jpg

avengers 10b.jpg

avengers 48.jpg

avengers 48b.jpg

avengers 53.jpg

avengers 53b.jpg

avengers 57.jpg

avengers 7.jpg

avengers 141.jpg

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Tales of Suspense 52 Key 1st Black Widow High Grade looks like a solid VF range, beautiful spine, striking vivid colors, white pages, only very minor wear and small corner crease barely breaks the color.   $6,751 is the most recent 8.0 GPA and prices are spiking up in almost every grade.  $3,900 board price and well worth taking the risk for the reward of getting 8.0 vs 7.5 and nearly doubling your money if you pull the better grade in submission.

Tales of Suspense 57 Key 1st Hawkeye Strong VG (almost VG+), typical wear, solid spine, staples, complete, typical reading wear, very light marvel chipping.  GPS $831 in VG and $1,080 in VG+ if you get a generous grade.  Board price $775

Marvel Super Heroes 12 1st Captain Marvel 7.5/7.0 $280 to $325 GPA Board price $235 

Marvel Super Heroes 13 1st Carol Danvers Ms Marvel, the most powerful super hero in the Avengers movies?  6.0/6.5 range, strong vivid colors, minor wear, light creases and light color rub expected in a strong Fine range.  GPA for both grades is $325 either way. $265 board price.

Marvel Super Heroes 17 Origin of Black Knight Beautiful 9.0 range. Sharp, tight, glossy, only very slight wear allowed in the high grades. $800 to possibly $1,305 GPA with an amazing press job and slight grade bump. Board price  $775

Marvel Super Heroes 18 1st Guardians of the Galaxy VF range, tight attractive only minimal wear.  Board Price $875.  $984 GPA, last sale $1,200 trending way up across the board with anticipation on the big movie and cross over movie appearances coming soon.

Daredevil 2 Solid 4.5, tight, glossy, typical reading wear, very small corner chip bc.  2nd appearance DD. $665 GPA, board price only $585

Amazing Spider-man 101 1st Morbius really cool looking movie coming out soon! Solid 3.0 range.  $415 GPA average $440 most recent, board price just $375.

Amazing Spider-Man 194 1st Black Cat VG/FN range, tight staples, spine, complete, defects shown well in scans. $225 GPA, Board price $185. (20% BELOW GPA!)

Hulk 182 VGVG+ completion of 1st Wolverine appearance trilogy.  GPA $200-$210  board price $170 (20% BELOW GPA)





tos52 int.jpg


tos 57.jpg

tos 57b.jpg

msh 13.jpg

msh 13b.jpg

msh 17 black knight.jpg

msh 17b black knight.jpg

msh 12.jpg

msh 12b.jpg

msh 18.jpg

msh 18b.jpg






asm 194.jpg

asm 194b.jpg

hulk 182.jpg


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Note, I had the wrong pricing on Avengers 48, I had accidently used the GPA from one of the other Avengers books I had listed by mistake.

This is Now correct.....  Avengers 48 Strong 7.0 attractive upper mid grade just minor reading wear as expected for grade, 1st Black Knight as previewed in the end credits of the Eternals movie.   7.0 GPA is $976 and with clean and press this has 7.5 potential.  Board Price just $795 Nearly $200 Below market.  :popcorn:

I will be putting up more Keys throughout the day, so please check back! :baiting:                     

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