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update: 12/2 - thread is closed - all books heading to no reserve auction on ebay if interested in bidding


UPDATE: 12/1 - take 5% off prices of books listed below - anything that doesn't sell here will be moving to auction beginning Thursday evening


Updated further: I really don't want to send these to auction, I'll spice things up even further on pricing:

5% off highest priced book

10% off anything additional

For example, if you take one book for $1k and another for $500, you'd be charged $950 for first book and $450 for second book, plus $15 for shipping.

Buy 3 or more books and I'll cover shipping charges.


No Probies, HOSers, or anyone on my personal naughty list.  

First :takeit:(or other clear claims, takes, etc.) in thread wins over any PM discussions or PM takes.  

US only (no international).

Payments accepted: Zelle (preferred) or PayPal

Shipping is an additional $15 regardless of the number of slabs purchased.

No returns.

Payment required within 3 days of claim, unless something else is agreed upon before book is claimed, otherwise book will be relisted and you will be added to my personal naughty list.

Will be posting a couple others in the modern section as well.

Thanks for looking.

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12/1 - Recap of what is still available - prices are 5% off listed prices

Amazing Spider-Man #5 CGC 4.0 $1,500

Amazing Spider-Man #125 CGC 9.4 $250

Avengers #3 CGC 4.0 $450

Batman #78 CGC 6.0 $750

Daredevil #168 CGC 9.0 Newsstand $400

Green Lantern #16 CGC 5.5 $475

Mad #4 CGC 7.0 $600

Marvel Premiere #52 CGC 9.4 $215

Marvel Spotlight v2 #9 CGC 7.0 $60

Marvel Team-Up #131 CGC 9.0 Newsstand $100

Tales of Suspense #41 CGC 4.0 $425

X-Men #22 CGC 9.0 $500

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