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Hello CGC, I was getting a order together and noticed a few comics that its not allowing me to put labels on. 

1. ASM 544 and 545 wont allow me to add the ASM label.

2. The Sensational Spider-Man 41 wont allow the ASM label.

3. ASM 74 the Miles Morales 10th Anniversary cover wont allow me to put the ASM or the Miles Morales label

4. The new Venom 1 Vol 5 wont allow me to add the venom label.

5 Galactus the Origin from May of 1983 was wondering about the Silver Surfer label.

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  • Administrator

Good morning,

Thanks for your message. Unfortunately, I don't have any information on upcoming labels so I can't advise you on that part of your question.

Regarding your other issues, it could be that the system is not recognizing the book information.  When you entered that book, did you use the drop down menu or did you type the information in?  When entering items into the form you will want to check the title listed in the indicia and select that from the drop-down menu.  When the correct title is selected the form will autofill the remaining fields and you make your selections from the drop menus to select the specific comic/magazine from our database.  Keep in mind this functions similar to a library catalog; do not use articles such as "A, an , the" in the title.

If this still does not work for you, you can always hand write the label request on your packing slip.  Just be sure to put the label number next to the specific book.

Thank you!

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