Some recent subs coming back with pieces of plastic inside

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Here are two examples (of several) slabs I received in the past week where this little piece of plastic is loose within the slab. On all of them with this issue, I cannot figure out where it comes from, or if it is even from each particular comic slab. Also, two of my returned subs have several comics that are slightly loose or c o c k -eyed within the slab. Very similar to the larger photo here.

Not sure about the hassle of re-slabbing just for a little piece of plastic, but concerned about the movement of some of the comics within the slabs. Please advise.

Thank you.

Piece of Plastic in Case.png

Piece of Plastic in Case 2.png

Piece of Plastic in Case 3.png

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Good morning,

Thanks for your message.  I am sorry about that!  It looks like some debris got into the holder when they were encapsulating the book.  You can email our customer service department with these images and they will send you instructions and a return shipping label to send the book back and we can reholder that for you at no charge.

Thank you!

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