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I want to sincerely thank you for the recent buyers of some of my grails I hope to continue to put up CGC books and a large number of TWD books

I have most of a complete run the earlier books many have been graded by CGC

I have been a CGC member since 2004. 

First :takeit:gets it over PM ( but PM me if you are first to take it I always check mail )   Questions are always answered 

Shipping is included will ship only in the US via Priority Mail tracking included

Paypal only

No refunds on slabbed comics. Unless damaged on delivery.

I have a large stack of slabs that need new homes lots of keys so keep watching 

Kudos link Showing results for 'WEBHEAD' in content posted in Kudos Forum. - CGC Comic Book Collectors Chat Boards (



Eternals 1 CGC 9.0

   1 Year Average $295   my price is $200








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