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Good afternoon,

Thanks for your message. 

CGC Grader Notes are available online at The fee for CGC Grader Notes varies based on the tier the comic book or magazine was submitted under.

Economy, Value, Modern Tiers

- Dealer or Elite Member: $4

- Regular Fee: $5

Standard & Express Tiers

- Dealer or Elite Member: $8

- Regular Fee: $10

Walkthru Tier

- Dealer or Elite Member: $12

- Regular Fee: $15


When you enter a certification number for a CGC-graded collectible in the free Verify CGC Certification tool, you will see if it has any Grader Notes. To unlock the Grader Notes, click the "Get Notes" button and fill in the required fields. CGC Dealers can expedite the process by logging in to have Grader Notes billed with their monthly statement.

CGC Grader Notes are sent to the email provided within one business day. If the Grader Notes form says that delivery will be INSTANT, the Grader Notes will appear immediately and also sent by email

Thank you!

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