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No Probies,  HOS, or board members with questionable backgrounds.      
Payment in 3 days or item goes back up for sale
International at cost but no complaints if it never gets to you. I am powerless to help you find a lost or missing package outside of the USA.
Raw shipping to CONUS--USPS--starts at $6.00 via economy shipping. 

Paypal OK, Checks or money orders are happily accepted.

Returns accepted within 7 days of receipt. I am not sure if these books are pressed.

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From 1971 these are distributor pacs of four DC comics. Hand assembled and stapled closed the pack is as sealed as it was 50 years ago.  To clarify, these older packs were not heat sealed closed, they used a large industrial stapler.  I own a few of these and from what I can tell they grabbed four random books, put them in the bag and stapled it shut. 

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