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Rich's 7th Annual Black Friday sales thread---silver, bronze, copper, modern age universal & signature series (better late than never!)
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As most long time boardies know, I have two major sales threads ever year.  Tax Man and Black Friday.  I know, I know---I'm a week late getting started, but I wanted to make sure I had scanned over 150+ new books I've never posted before.  I bought a new scanner (finally) that can do the job in 7 seconds rather than 7 minutes. My old scanner of 20+ years would take over a minute to scan, I had to do the book and then the label, piece together, size, crop etc.  This new scanner does everything at once.  It's great.

In this thread I'll post some really great silver age books (a lot from the Doug Moench collection), including signatures from Romita, Giella, Buscema, some significant keys, hot moderns, you name it.  


The rules are pretty basic---no probies or HOS

PAYMENT-- Paypal and Zelle Pay accepted.  I issue invoices relatively quickly to keep track, and you'll find the invoice numbers along with tracking information on the 2nd post of this thread.

SHIPPING---USPS $12 for the 1st book, add $2 each additional after that.   Add $2.50 for signature confirmation if you want signature confirmation.  If you prefer UPS shipping is $22 for the first book, $3 each additional after that.  Be sure to LMK which way you want to roll regarding the shipping service.  I pack all books well with lots of bubble wrap and 200# corrugated boxes (not the USPS flimsy Priority boxes).  These boxes are meant for durable shipping.

SHIPPING outside the U.S.---if shipping to Canada or elsewhere, shipping costs are based on weight of pkg.  USPS Priority is probably the cheapest way to go for you, but UPS Ground is an option if you prefer.  I've found on the average priority USPS to Canada for example is right around $38 for one book. 

Return policy---unless the item arrives broken or damaged, I don't generally do returns.  Which means no buyers remorse.  If there's an issue with the item, please contact me within 2 days of receipt. 


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Something is Killing the Children #16 s/s Sienkiewicz SHIPPED 9405503699300098140823

4 Kids Walk into A Bank #1 s/s Rosenberg & Boss (standard cover) SHIPPED 9405503699300098140823

s-man  Inv. 4440

Punisher #1 CGC 9.6 s/s Matina SHIPPED 9410828206335574515246
4 Kids Walk Into a Bank #1 CGC 9.8 s/s Rosenberg & Boss SHIPPED 9410828206335574515246
Elektra #1 CGC 9.6 s/s J. Scott Campbell SHIPPED 9410828206335574515246
Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-Man #1 CGC 9.8 s/s Adam Kubert SHIPPED 9410828206335574515246

arzach421  Inv. 4441

Stray Dogs #1 CGC 9.8 signed/sketched Trish Forstner SHIPPED 9410828206335576075335

Turbo Comics

Batman '66 #1 s/s West & Burt Ward SHIPPED 9410803699300144043682

The Shadow #1 s/s O'Neil & Kaluta SHIPPED 9410803699300144043682

Red Sonja #14 CGC 9.4 s/s Frank Brunner SHIPPED 9410803699300144043682

Red Sonja #2 CGC 9.2 s/s Frank Thorne & Roy Thomas SHIPPED 9410803699300144043682

Thomas Thompson

Flash #123 CGC 3.0 s/s Joe Giella SHIPPED 9410803699300144045884


Hulk #1 CGC 9.2 SHIPPED 9405503699300085444729


Batman and the Outsiders #1 s/s Mike Barr DELIVERED

MattC  Inv.  4442

Spectacular Spider-Man 109 CGC 9.6 s/s Peter David SHIPPED 9405528206334396038312
Spectacular Spider-Man 110 CGC 9.6 s/s Peter David SHIPPED 9405528206334396038312

Steve Baruth

HOM 95 SHIPPED 1Z00Y20Y0397623640

HOS 198 SHIPPED 1Z00Y20Y0397623640

Muno72 (zelle pay)

Wonder Woman 750 s/s Perez SHIPPED 9405503699300099136542

Galen130  Inv. 4444

Action Comics #1000 CGC 9.4 (Summit Comics Perez variant)  SHIPPED 9410828206334396360409

Galen130  Inv. 4445

WARLOCK #10 CGC 9.4 s/s Alan Weiss SHIPPED 9410828206334396360409

Ron C.  Inv. 4446

Epic Illustrated #19 CGC 9.6 s/s Steranko SHIPPED 9405528206335579736346

Cobblestone Comics (zelle)

Hulk 312 CGC 9.8 s/s (both copies)  SHIPPED 9410803699300144385881

Toytastik  Inv. 4443

Superboy #9 CGC 9.6 SHIPPED 9410828206335576425215

atrocitus (zelle)

Doctor Strange CGC 9.6 s/s Mads & Cumberbatch SHIPPED 9405503699300107465282

Chazgee (zelle)

Marvel Super Special Return of the Jedi s/s Sienkiewicz SHIPPED

Grant Endsley (zelle)

Amazing Spider-Man #50 CGC 3.5 s/s John Romita SHIPPED 9405503699300107328044

Delt569  (zelle)

Hulk #8 (Vol. 2, 1999) CGC 9.8 s/s Erik Larsen & Ron Garney SHIPPED 9405503699300121303904

Dork Buzz  Inv. 4447

Batgirl #38 CGC 9.8 s/s Josh Middleton SHIPPED 1Z00Y20Y4297035319

Dork Buzz  Inv. 4458

Bettie Page Queen of the Nile #3 CGC 9.8 s/s Brinke Stevens SHIPPED 1Z00Y20Y4297035319

Dork Buzz  Inv. 4461

Darkhawk #1 CGC 9.8 s/s Danny Fingeroth & Mike Manley SHIPPED 1Z00Y20Y4297035319

s-man  Inv. 4449

Ice Age Past Presents Future CGC 9.4 s/s John Leguizamo SHIPPED 9410828206335587060580
Captain America #44 CG 9.6 s/s Sal Buscema SHIPPED 9410828206335587060580
Detective Comics #43 CGC 9.8 s/s Brian Buccellato SHIPPED 9410828206335587060580

Daredevil #8 CGC 9.4 s/s Smith, Quesada, Palmiotti SHIPPED 9410828206335587060580

Steveo81  Inv. 4456

Amazing Spider-Man #248 CGC 9.6 s/s Stern & JR JR SHIPPED 9410828206334400059954

Terry Williams  Inv. 4455

Incredible Hulk #46 (2002) CGC 9.8 s/s Kaare Andrews 9405528206335584027941

MattC  Inv. 4450

HULK #358 CGC 9.6 s/s Jeff Purves SHIPPED 9405528206334399852045

chrreaso  Inv. 4451

Hulk #398 CGC 9.8 s/s Peter David & Dale Keown SHIPPED 9405528206335584021482

Monstertruck97  Inv. 4452 

Werewolf by Night #13 CGC 5.5 s/s Mike Ploog SHIPPED 9405528206335584029174

pacino408  Inv. 4453

Deadpool #13 CGC 9.8 s/s Adi Granov SHIPPED 9405528206335585104788

Evilspacecow  (zelle pay 12/7)

Peter Parker Spider-Man #8 CGC 9.6 ss John Romita Jr. SHIPPED 1Z00Y20Y0396614107

Giant Size Man-Thing #1 CGC 6.0 s/s Mike Ploog SHIPPED 1Z00Y20Y0396614107

Punisher #1 (2016) CGC 9.6 s/s Jon Bernthal SHIPPED 1Z00Y20Y0396614107

Amazing Spider-Man #10 CGC 9.6 s/s Mayhew & Ramos SHIPPED 1Z00Y20Y0396614107

Dr. Strange #1 CGC 9.4 s/s Aaron & Nowlan SHIPPED 1Z00Y20Y0396614107

n2wd2  Inv. 4457

Marvel Comics Index #9B CGC 9.4 s/s Frank Miller SHIPPED 9410828206334400441872
Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-Man #300 CGC 9.8 s/s Adam Hughes SHIPPED 9410828206334400441872

Taxmick1  Inv. 4454

Amazing Spider-Man #1 (2015) CGC 9.8 s/s Dan Slott, Stacey Lee & Dennis Hopeles

Galen130  Inv. 4463

Spectacular Spider-Man #229 CG 9.8 s/s Bill Sienkiewicz SHIPPED 9405528206335590397663
The 'Nam #32 CGC 9.8 s/s Bob McLeod SHIPPED 9405528206335590397663

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4 Kids Walk Into a Bank #1 CGC 9.8 s/s Rosenberg & Boss - $125  SOLD! to s-man

Third Eye Comics variant, Once Upon A Time In America movie homage cover

significant label notations-- signed on 1st day of issue release


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Batman '66 CGC 9.6 s/s Adam West & Burt Ward - $1100  SOLD! to Turbo Comics

still sealed with the Celebrity Authentics sticker.  Never taken out of the mylar.  Image of West signing on the back. 

NON-PERSONALIZED, which was unique for West since he insisted on personalization on most items.

I personally think this book is undergraded, I can't spot one flaw to justify the 9.6.  A solid re-evaluation candidate for 9.8 IMHO



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