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I'm trying to fill out the submission form for venom 1 3D and while i can kinda force it through it won't populate the variant option for the Junggeun Yoon cover and it won't let me select a custom tag??

IS there a way to manually do this???


One more quick question the comic box set came with 2 little cert's one for each will CGC put them in the back of the slab or throw them away????


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Check the indicia of the comic book to be sure you're using the full actual title. The submission form can be fussy with titles at times. Also check the date(s) offered to make sure it matches up. Not sure what comic you're submitting but one example could be .... "Amazing Spider-Man: Venom 3D #1" .... Might need a call to CGC if none of the choices match up.

Keep the certificates. CGC won't slab them and more than likely not return them.

Good luck and welcome to the boards.

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