Were you able to get that 1 book you truly wanted in 2021?
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On 12/10/2021 at 6:48 PM, ADAMANTIUM said:

I way overpaid this year on several things, but the one that I wanted most, if I can remember back that far lol, was this one!

This year at least, the at#25

And most recently the iron man


2021_11_10 3_50 PM Office Lens.jpg

2021_12_08 4_02 PM Office Lens.jpg

I have some other priorities, but I'm always on the lookout at antique shows, etc. for that Iron Man. Someday I'll just pull the trigger and get one. I don't really even care if it's a high grade, I just love that cover. That's a sweet-looking copy!

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On 12/13/2021 at 10:52 PM, Jesse-Lee said:

If I'm sticking to Bronze only, this lot I won on an eBay auction is it - the books are in great shape, and I had just said about two days prior to seeing this auction that Detective 475 was one of the books I felt I was "missing." I put in a max bid thinking even that would get outbid, and it surprisingly the final price didn't come near it - all the better for me. 476 is one of my favorite covers (I own a CGC 9.0 as well), and I've wanted 472 and 474 also. As a bonus, the 476 is also a DC Reader Survey copy.

So 475 would be the "1 book," but this run is one of my all-time favorites - it's almost the whole "Strange Apparitions" storyline.










IMHO, the 10 issue run by Englehart/Rogers in ‘Tec is among the best in Batman’s history.

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There are always books I want haha and I find the list is ever changing. I tend to buy what makes sense money wise and enjoy buying stuff often as I can vs saving up for a couple books I should have by now.

Anyways ASM 50 is a book I’ve dragged my feet on forever. I’ve had a couple copies over the last decade but all were low grade and I’m not one for placeholders, unless I can live with them. These were not that. But I finally found a low grade copy within reason for the current market that I’m content with. It arrives this week so pics when it’s here!

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