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On 5/31/2022 at 12:51 AM, asimovpulps said:

Amazing find and such a cool piece of history! This is the 5th printing of the First Edition, which is still quite a great book to have especially with the original dust jacket. Definitely worth quite a bit more than you paid :)

Here's a great resource showing how to identify the first 9 printings. Easiest way to note yours is the string of numbers "567890" with the first number indicating 5th. Hope that helps!

Thanks for the information.  I tried looking at booksellers listings and the photos they provided to see I could match any.

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On 5/31/2022 at 11:35 PM, Book Guy said:

I've had this printing before. Below are pics of the First. It's curious that this copy had a $5.95 price, but I seem to remember that from the 5th Printing copy I had as well. Note the 4th photo from the jacket rear flap. After some point, the address or company name changed here. Maybe they added a zip code-I don't remember. Anyway, I seem to remember that something changed. If your jacket is identical, they either used the original jacket image when reprinting this printing, or they had some old First Printing jackets lying around and just used them. I've seen that happen a couple of other times with books that had distinctive 1st impression jackets where the jacket appeared on later printings. The best example I've encountered was an 8th Printing of TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD that had the 1st jacket on it. Probably it was released into the wild that way by the publisher. That was quite a find and I sold the jacket alone for a lot of money!

The First Printings were in blue cloth as shown. The 2nd Printing (stated as such) was also in blue cloth. When they changed to red boards, I don't know.







The address of The Chilton Company is different than the original on the back flap.  This was so cool to see a signed first edition of Dune.  Do you own different printings?



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Got this in the mail today, haven’t added anything to my “nice” first edition collection in awhile. 

Seller said there was “light scuffing” on the back of the jacket.  Don’t see anything that looks like scuffing…but there’s definitely a bunch of foxing spots that weren’t mentioned. 

Still, the titles on the spine of jacket are white, most copies I see they’ve turned tan. 


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Just got this in the mail today. 

Picked it up for a reading copy but it’s in pretty nice condition, spine isn’t faded, unclipped and a first edition, very reasonably priced too.  

Unfortunately, while the seller wrapped in a bunch of bubble wrap, he didn’t pack in a box so now it has an nice impact ding along the bottom of the boards. 

Not a biggie for a reading copy, but kind of shame as it could have been slightly better. 


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