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OK, It's Christmas night, I'm in receipt of multiple bottles of bourbon, I've got a stack of boxes behind me and we're all comic book fiends, so let's get started...

This will be the first of 2 back-to-back Copper/Modern threads; this one mostly mainstream though all over the board within that category; the second will be all independents. I'll invoice at the end of this one for those who are done, but anyone is also welcome to sit through the Independents thread as well if your collecting tastes range over both and you want to maximize postage. Both threads will be long; this could take a while and be broken up over various posting sessions. Most of the books intended for the threads are not even photographed yet. Both threads will come in waves, therefore.


5 Simple Rules (Please, please read)


1st :takeit: wins; tie/indeterminate goes to the thread.

Payment is Check or Money Order (yeah, yeah I know I'm a dinosaur, troglodyte, luddite, mennonite, hermaphrodite etc. - I just don't have or want e-payments.)

Shipping: USPS Priority between $8 (flip n ship mailer in a Legal Flat Rate Envelope) to $15 (Medium Priority Box) for raws. 

Don't be listy (tsk) including the little one in my head.

Returns: Raws; sure, just notify me within three days of receipt and get in back to me in the same shape on your dime. No returns on slabs.

(Kudos thread linked under my avatar.)

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