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On 12/26/2021 at 11:00 PM, Bill C said:

2022 goals are pretty quiet here (hopefully it ends up that way).

Ideally I'd buy no published stuff (or unpublished pieces/commissions that pop up). So, hopefully nothing I really like surfaces. Money would definitely be better used in other areas.

No real interest in selling too much, simply because the art doesn't take up a lot of space.

All I really want to get art wise are four GOTG mock cover commissions, maybe start getting the cover dress put on a stack of these commissions I have already, and maybe get several GOTG interior page commissions done.


Fairly quiet year, as I hoped. It's not quite over as there is one more piece I might go after, we'll see.

Wasn't really looking to sell anything, but did let one (really cool) piece go.

As far as published stuff- I did pick up a "stack" of Valentino GOTG art, as that was a fun past-time and with prices on this run jumping, I won't be able to pick up stacks at a time any more. Also got panel page examples from Guice's Flash and Dwyer's Cap runs, which I loved as a kid. Also got another Anderson Atomic Knights page from my favorite issue. As mentioned earlier, there's one more piece I'd like to nab this year, but something more important will be available next year, which I'm more focused on. I missed out on a couple pieces this year, the ones that come to mind immediately are a cover I was hoping for, that the artist wanted to hold onto as he really liked what he achieved with it (so I'm happy he's keeping it). The other was a page that went for an unexplainable astronomical sum, so that wasn't meant to be.

I got another few GOTG cover commissions for my fan fiction project, so now I finally completed the full set of covers (and corner box art) for the run I'm doing (GOTG #28-54 and annuals 3 and 4). Most of the covers still need cover dress and some small tweaks done to them, which will probably be my next focus for this project. (Attached image is the bottom of the GOTG 38 cover)




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On 12/26/2021 at 8:04 PM, batman_fan said:


I have several goals for 2022

Add one piece of artwork, prefer a Schulz daily, Romita Spiderman, D ick Sprang Batman, Ketcham Dennis the Menace, or a Jack Davis piece

Frame my two Marmaduke pieces



Schulz daily - accomplished

Romita Spiderman - failed

D ick Sprang Batman - accomplished

Ketcham Dennis the Menance - accomplished

Jack Davis piece - failed

Frame my two Marmaduke pieces - failed

So I guess I have three goals for 2023 (but maybe also add another Schulz)

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On 12/3/2022 at 11:58 AM, cloud cloddie said:

Found 3 more pages to one of the books I’m trying to complete. 
Sold about a dozen pieces. Bought way more than that. Did a decent job of curating - sold pieces that I was over represented on or wasn’t passionate about, and filled in some gaps. So a good year. 

I have a thread that concentrates on themed collections including books being completed. If you are interested in being listed (some are, some are not), let me know. 


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On 12/4/2022 at 3:39 PM, MyNameIsLegion said:

number of pieces posted by @delekkerste on CAF in 2022?  

A whopping 6. :baiting:



6 pieces posted...and only 3 of them were from 2022. :fear: 

I have only posted a small sliver of the past 8 years' worth of purchases. hm 

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I don’t have goals each year for the simple reason that my primary range is so narrow, I have to see what comes up, and for me, it’s impossible to guess. This past year I admirably filled that zero goal because very little came up for my consideration. After lots of years of primarily collecting Phantom Stranger art, there just hasn’t been much for sale by or from artists already represented in my collection or would be improvements to the collection. I missed a couple I would have liked but for the price; continue to pass on some where I just don’t care for the artist or the page, or the price sought for it is way out-of-whack (a low price can certainly make an unwanted piece wanted); learned that some pieces I wanted can’t be acquired because the artist doesn’t sell, or the damn art is just an e-print (“artist’s proof”). All told, I only added about 8-9 published pieces, only 4 of which increased the represented artists I have. Maybe I will do better next year. 😪

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I added 1 piece this year, mission accomplished... still active in the hobby.


1 or 2 small meaningful pieces a year are enough for me. I don't particpate in the "greater fool" investing theory... I won't pay more than the piece is worth to me, so of course it keeps purchacing levels down.

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On 12/5/2022 at 11:06 PM, Michael Browning said:

I started the year out strong with a Star Wars 38 page by Michael Golden and I’ve been very blessed to have picked up some great art. I figured I was going to have a lighter year, but, as of this week, I’ve bought more than 200 pages and covers in 2022. I got 57 of those pieces in today and I’ve got 29 on the way. I’ve still got a month to go, so that total may go up.

200... :jawdrop:

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i didn't really set any goals for 2022...

I think I bought about 60 pages and maybe 10 covers, all featuring Silver Surfer


my 2023 goal is really single fold from a purchasing standpoint (though I will still happily buy any surfer that strikes my fancy)...obtain a 1-18 series splash page featuring the Sentinel of the Spaceways!...and as my art  collecting progresses and I realize that my "buy anything" approach has left me with some pages that I now, kind of scratch my head and say "now why did I want this?"... I might even, gulp, part with some pages that just don't "do it" for me...who knows...

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Here's my list of things I watch for:



In the reasonably possible:

  • Aparo B&B page (art and letters by Jim)

In the Serious Stretch Goals category, we have:

  • Ditko Creeper
  • Everett Sub-Mariner page
  • Kirby Thor or New Gods page
  • Mayer Scribbly page (if there are any)
  • Rogers Detective (Batman) page from his wonderful run with Steve Englehart and Terry Austin
  • Shuster Superman
  • Sprang Batman
  • Swan/Klein Superman or LSH page

Special cases:

  • The splash to JLA 29 (1st series) or the cover, but I'd prefer the splash. (The splash sold by auction at Heritage for $50K - way out of my range. Maggie Thompson told me it and two other pages had been stuck in a drawer since she and Don were given it by Julius Schwartz.)
  • Cover to The Official Legion of Super-Heroes Index #1. The cover to #2 would work, but it's in David Mandel's collection and I doubt that I could pry it loose. 

Comic Strips:

  • Peanuts by Charles Schulz
  • Cul de Sac by Richard Thompson


So, how close did I get? Moderately close. :)

Reasonably possible category above

  • I passed on some nice Aparo pieces which I regret.

Stretch Goals above

  • I won an unused Scribbly cover and a matching recreation by Sheldon Mayer. That may be as close to a story page as it's possible to get. You can see it here.
  • I got cheap on an LSH Swan/Klein piece and that makes me sad, but it's common for me.
  • Shuster Superman profile sketches are not uncommon, but they aren't cheap and I'm not sure that I want one bad enough - well, so far. :)

Special Cases

  • "My" JLA 29 Splash came and went - $50K is beyond what I will spend. Sure was nice though - lots of memories. I've now seen 9 pages from that issue. I think the cover must still exist.
  • No progress on the LSH cover and that's okay really.

Comic Strips

  • I have raised funds enough to buy a Peanuts strip if I see one that I like enough, but dang the old strips are expensive!
  • Cul de Sac strips are scarce! The Donnelly brothers have a Sunday for sale, but it might as well be lost to the ages from my POV.
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On 12/6/2022 at 1:34 PM, G.A.tor said:

and as my art  collecting progresses and I realize that my "buy anything" approach has left me with some pages that I now, kind of scratch my head and say "now why did I want this?"... I might even, gulp, part with some pages that just don't "do it" for me...who knows...

Been there, done that. In my case, it was because I wasn’t sure I would find a better one from the same artist or book. Almost as bad: buying up a bunch of mediocre pages because a bunch of them appear for sale, and you figure you might as well stock up in case they are useful as trade bait (never) or will one day shoot up in collector appreciation (still waiting, very patiently).

But then, you skip a piece because it’s only so-so, or a little too much, and you never, ever find another one by the artist or from the book. Those are the ones which really make me nuts. Even worse if they were cheap. 

Who needs life’s little aggravations when we are so good at creating our own?

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My purchases were mostly from deals I'd been working on for YEARS. And, they all came together within a few days of each other. Two guys I'd been patiently waiting on to sell me their art emailed me on the same day.

I am very blessed and I thank God every day for what He blesses me with. I remember in 2016 when all I had was two portfolios NEARLY full of art and couldn't believe I was on the verge of needing to buy another portfolio. I never intended to purchase so much this year, but, art isn't like comic books where you can always buy another copy down the line if you miss out on the one offered today, so I try to buy as much as I can of what is offered to me.

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On 12/27/2021 at 6:11 AM, AnkurJ said:

Would love to add one of the following, though realistically know they won’t happen.

1. Kirby Captain America splash/Cover

2. Ditko ASM page

3. Vintage batgirl cover 

4. Uncanny X-Men cover or splash

Continue selling excess.

1. Nope

2. Nope

3. Nope

4. YES! X-Men 15 splash!

Still trimming excess.

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On 12/7/2022 at 2:34 AM, G.A.tor said:

and as my art  collecting progresses and I realize that my "buy anything" approach has left me with some pages that I now, kind of scratch my head and say "now why did I want this?"

Been there, done that! lol

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