Missing grade and unasked pedigree
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2 things
1) I submited 90 cards, it is recorded that the shipment was sent, today I received the grades for evrything, but 2 cards with no score at all ...
These are 2 real card from pokemon booster box, and no note is listed, what could be the problem?

2) for some of my cards have notes "Pedigree inked" 'what does that mean? I did not ask for such a service

thank you

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1) The two cards that weren't graded are Celebrations Metal cards. While we do grade these, we will not grade those that already have pre-existing issues that may be made worse by the sealing process. We do not want to risk damaging cards with issues like these, so we do not grade them and refund the grading fees.

2) This goes hand-in-hand with number one. Inking is typically seen on older cards where someone will essentially color in the edge to mask damage. These metal cards are sometimes found with pre-existing inking that was done at either the factory or packaging facility in order to hide flaws on the edges of these fragile Celebrations Metal cards. That is the case with those cards marked Inked.

Thank you, 


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