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mostly marvel -recap post 2- bronze raws; a few slabs - Heavy Metal mag. lot - new in Sept
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Another sale of my duplicates (almost entirely), acquired over the years.


Plan for thread to include mostly marvels, maybe 20 slabs, some raw keys (Warlock, Defenders), a few oddball items (sports comics lot, couple of unopened ‘sets’ of miniseries, etc.), half dozen lots (hero, horror), some HG early copper sets and some commons in higher grades (& a few dozen split into $4 and $8 boxes)...


RULES - text in bold generally means added in Sept 2022:


Checks/MO only

WATCH OUT FOR THIS ONE PLEASE  ---- NEW: I'll allow paypal for orders under $100 ONLY.

Nobody on lists

Residents of Canuckistan welcome, shipping at cost (but can't buy if you have social credit score below 800 or on Trudeau's list; nah just messing with you, won't actually sell to Canadians). 

Take in thread beats PM take if a close tie.

SHIPPING: "Holiday" surcharge at USPS starts Oct 2, 2022.  Please add $1 to below shipping if I won't get your payment 'till after Sept 25.

Lowest cost shipping -Shipped in a gemini ii mailer, with bubblewrap and extra cardboard (not shown in pic), these are pretty secure.

Starts at $5 Media (up to ~ 8 books)

Up to 2 comics first class mail $6.50 (1-2 comics)

$8.75 Legal-size Priority Mail sleeve -mailer slides in easily [max ~10 comics but w/reduced protection after ~7 bks]


Slabs: $14/one slab, $16/2 or more, double-boxed w/styro peanuts between Priority boxes



14 day returns [from receipt] no problem if not happy, and I'll pay return shipping if I missed something important in description (like cutout or undisclosed restoration).  Take 10 years for undisclosed resto. No returns on slabs w/o good reason (cracked case, destroyed in shipping)


SLABS GPA if shown is a few months old [plus a YEAR more, pretty useless now]. A handful have scuffs, will try best to mention, pls also look carefully- - some pics might be missing (eg back cov.) but more pics avail on request

Will show GPA, it's 3 nums in this order: 12 mos/90 day/last

E.g. $1000/-/950 means there was no sale reported in past 90 days.

GPA was checked past several days - i.e. around final week of Dec ’21.  EDIT IN APRIL 2022: GPA if shown is a few months old

Some pics may show some reflections, usually at bottom rt, sorry.


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Page 1


Strange Adv 110 3.5  $65  raw

Marv Super Heroes 12 CGC 9.0 OWW Capt Marvel  $485

Marv Super Heroes 16 raw VF  Phantom Eagle  $20


Page 2

Marv Collector Item Classics 3 CGC 9.2 OWW  (repr ST 110 and FF4) $72

Astonishing Tales 5 9.8 Sucha W $410
Nick Fury SHIELD 1 (6/1968) CGC OWW   8.5  $289
Thor 165  7.5 CGC W  $850


Page 3

Fantastic Four 94 9.2  original label $1400
^^^ above books all slabs [IN BOLD] unless o/w indicated ^^^


Raw books:
Fantastic Four 67 4.5-5.0  $229
Fantastic Four 100  8.0 $58
Thor 164 4.5 $18
Thor 163b 5.0 $15
Thor 167 3.5- $4
Thor 180 6.5- $15
Thor 181 6.0 $10

Tomb of Dracula 36 7.0 $10

Page 4

Sub Mariner 35 4.0   $15
Marv. Feature 2 7.5  $40
Tales to Astonish 99 6.5+

Tales to Astonish 100  7.5- $59  

Page 5

Lot of 30 sports comics, assorted titles  $29 shipped !
World’s Unknown 1-7 FN to FN+ shiny and glossy  $38
Monsters on the Prowl 9 - 27 readers’ lot [12 books]  $30
Fantastic Four 251 to 262 fresh Byrne mini-run[12 books]  $30
Fantastic Four (1996) 1-12 lot Lee etc.  $14
Wolverine Gambit Victims 1-4 Complete mini series   $19
Storm  1-4 Complete mini series   $14

Page 6

$4 box

Doc Savage 5 6.5 $4
Howard the Duck 3 8.0+  $4
Marv. Double-Feature  20  8.0 OW/W   $4
Howard the Duck 6 8.0+  $4
Dr. Strange SS 36  9.2  $4
Marc Spector Moon Knight 43 9.2   $4 no visible wear/defects
Marvel Fanfare 3 9.0  $4
Marvel Presents (Wolv) 3  7.0  $4
Marvel Presents (Wolv) 101 8.0  $4


Page 7

Marvel Fanfare 33  8.0   $4 bot. left crunch

Marvel Presents (GR) 127   $4 8.0
Marvel Presents (Wolv) 8   $4 6.5
MSHSW II 1 8.0/+   $4
MSHSW II 4 9.2   $4


$8 box

MSHSW 2 9.2 [as high as I’ll rate any comics here, even if likely to rate 9.4/9.6]    $8
MSHSW 5 9.2    $8
GS FF 6 5.0    $8 reprints the v. expensive FF #6 Annual
GS MThing 5 5.5     $8
Fantastic Four 348 9.2      $4
Fantastic Four 349  9.2      $4
Fantastic Four 371 9.2  barcode mars this solid white (embossed?) cover $8 
Star Trek 1 9.0 +   $8

Tarzan 1 8.0  top rt wear   $4

Marv. Presents 1 (Bloodstone) 7.0+ (bend top left, wear at rt edge (near “Issue!”)   $8

John Carter, Warlord 8.0 lt. surface wear   $4 

GS Avengers 4 in VG   $8   note the stains top rt front near the corner crease, and stain and tiny bit of junk on back cover near the center of book



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thread recap
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As mentioned to Gene above, I still have books on my want list, including a couple of very big books, ASM 1 and JIM 83 to complete those runs, I'd want your copy in 2.0-3.5 range, but with decent appearance (e.g. no tatter). Be willing to trade items listed in this thread, plus some personal copies of other books, shown below in spoiler as items I'd be willing to give in exchange.  Also need a few bronze books that keep me checking the Warren Oates threads, already crossed some others off thanks to him: Fear 8, MKF 41, Dr Strange 8, Marv Spot 16, ASM 347 (no idea where it went) - wanted in around 8.0, although great looking 6.0 reduced for technical reasons can work too sometimes.


I'd trade some or all of these as needed, using comparable pricing metric (i.e. we'd both use same 90 day or 12 mos -or whatever we agree- to value our books; though we'd have to improvise re the GA books, pretty uncommon).

WBN 32 in 8.5
TOD 10 in 6.5
IM 55 in 9.0
Spirit 22 in 5.5
ShockSuspenstories 6 in 4.5
X-Men 1 in 1.5
DD 1 in 4.0 (not shown, but fine)
Reform School Girl nn in 1.5

I'd also love to acquire a Startling Comics 49, but then who wouldn't be curious about a pervert robot?



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thread closed, spoilered trade offer
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Star Wars 1 - 6 (1977) FN/+ lot, gorgeous and shiny $225  SOLD

Condition: 1 easy VF/NM with just light edge wear, except the bottom staple popped

2 looks about FN/+ w just moderate wear most notable at mid-spine and brc dogear and rounding, but blemishes on back cover so, what, reduce to 5.5 ?

3 -6 each at least FN, generally better, but short of VF. 

#s 3 and 5 show some stress at top staple, #4 is great but there’s a ding about 1 inch above bottom spine, and #6 shows wear at top rt. and bott. left corners.  If forced to predict min. CGC grade, would guess 6.5, 7.0, 6.5, 6.0 (#3-6, in that order).


See pics and scans, ask any questions, no hidden defects.




Spoiler includes complete front/back scans




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Strange Adv 110 3.5  $65 

defects are mainly visible: some residue at top, a couple of stains, bottom left crunch, and pen arrival date; one of the few leftovers from my past threads, reduced by $10 from prior price (my cost was 75 too, it's not an 'investment' book imo).





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On 1/1/2022 at 1:22 AM, Readcomix said:

Happy New Year Greg! Was that first pic a preview pic?

No sir. : (  Happy times to you as well!  That first pic was the preview around 5 years ago, only a handful of those are left (e.g. no ST110, sold one to Comicshrine and kept the other, or XMen 94 -sold all but the nicest one) etc., no WBN32 -unless I add a trade wanted post for ASM 1 or Startling 49 or something as I'm considering, for which I'd put up my 8.5 slab of Moon Knight's first with some other magillas. Just some of the Warlock keys left I think. Plus a few I'm forgetting, like an FF 100 or something that I'll post.

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On 1/1/2022 at 1:32 AM, Readcomix said:

My bad; I meant the mailers pic, since the SA110 was there and offered I wondered about the others in it.

RIght!  Nah, SkOw bought the Carl Barks Scrooge my last thread, and down to my last ASM 121 and Batman, though good call! I did plan to list the Reform School Girl nn for not much more than I bought from the GGA champ, Rick Akers.  The IM 55 is sitting in a 9.0 slab and might be offered up with my DD 1 in 4.0 as incentives for that trade thing I mentioned, but it's my last copy so wd be hard parted.

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On 1/1/2022 at 12:21 PM, Readcomix said:

Love it! First Ross Andru on Spidey, and that android is clearly (in the story) a Vision prototype. 

I think I have about three copies of that book in VF+ to VFNM..., :whistle: 

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