Discounts added : 25% off listed prices Modern books and TPB’s for sale - complete runs of current books. Silver coin, Ultramega, Vinyl, Two moons and others.Trades include Daredevil and others.

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All books are in NM to NM+ condition and first prints. I apologize for not owning a scanner but the books are guaranteed in NM cond.

Payment : Venmo preferred and PayPal naturally.

Shipping : At cost via USPS or medial mail if you prefer, guaranteed to be packed securely and safely. Shipping prices are for getting the books to you and not my wallet. Having done this a few times before , I can ship a bunch of books Priority for $18. These also qualify for media mail if you prefer a more affordable option ranging from $7-10. Unless you live in Canada 🇨🇦 then it’s more like $25. I didn’t make the rules.

Return Policy : Returns accepted within 14 days of the sale date. Items must be return shipped in the same condition prior to refund. 
Please ask any questions before committing to buy.

 Rules : I will not sell to any Hall of Shamers or anyone on the Probation list.

:takeit: wins the day.

I will start with an itemized list and then post photos for your pleasure.

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Here’s a quick listing of books with photos forthcoming.

1. Ultra-mega 1-4
2. Sky bound X 1-5

3. The Rise of Ultra man 1-5

4. Beta Ray Bill 1-5 Sold

5. The Old Guard - Tales through time 1-5

6. Silver Coin 1-5

7. Two Moons 1-5

8. Vinyl 1-6 Sold

9. Geiger 1-6

10. Red Room #1


Nocterra vol. 1

Destroy all Monsters HC by Brubaker SOLD !!!

Savage Avengers vol. 4

Something is Killing our Children Vol. 4

Sacred Creatures Oversized TPB 

Daredevil TPB vol.1-6 Zdarsky run to date.

Friday TPB by Brubaker SOLD !!!






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