Solar Boy Second Sale of 2022---Silver Age Keys---CLOSED
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I picked up the big book I wanted from the OO like I mentioned and some killer GA books.  Ill show those in the sale im doing starting next week but for now I have these nice books back from CGC.  Please take a look.  Thank you




Now for the:



  •   No PL/HOS members

  •  First  :takeit: trumps all PM negotiations.  Once we agree in PM then you can post the Take.  Thanks

  •  I'll take Check or Money order for this sale.  Thank you

  •  I'll expect payment within 2 calendar days of invoice, or the book will be available for sale again (unless we've made other payment arrangements)

  •  USA: 1-2 Graded Comics $15.50


    USA: 1-4 Raw comics $6.99, 5-9 comics $9.99, 10+ Comics $14.99......

  •  No returns on any graded books.  Sorry

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On 1/20/2022 at 7:39 PM, Math Teacher said:

I know these books are not as big as the ones you are listing, but is there any chance you might have an FF #15, #39, #40, #57, or #58? I really need the last four in high grade.


sorry not in this group no.  If i find those ill give you a ping

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