Taking subs for MIKE ROYER private s/s signing
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A private signing with one of the more iconic silver/bronze inkers, MIKE ROYER! More popularly known as Jack Kirby's dedicated inker, Mr. Royer worked on such titles as The Demon, Devil Dinosaur, Sandman, Jimmy Olsen, Forever People, Eternals, 2001 Space Odyssey to name just a few. Cost for this op is $40 per, which is all inclusive of signature fee, book prep (including cracking slabs) along with the shipping expenses. CGC will bill your account on file for the grading and return shipping. Pressing options are available, please inquire if you feel your book can use some work. Cut off to receive books is 2/15/22. You must have an active account in good standing at CGC to submit. Any other questions please email me direct richhenncomics@gmail.com


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