Taking submissions for private JO DUFFY CGC Signature Series signing
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Pleased to announce the first ever signing for CGC Signature Series with copper age legend, JO DUFFY!  Ms. Duffy was both writer and editor for several Marvel and DC comics in the 80s and early 90s, including Star Wars, Power Man and Iron Fist, Catwoman, Batman, Defenders, Rom to name a few.  While it's been several years since her last convention appearance or public signing, Jo will be doing an in person private signing with me in mid-March.  All books need to be in hand by 3/10/22.
Signature fee is $45 per item, which covers signature, prep (including cracking slabs) and shipping expenses.  CGC will bill your account on file for the grading and return shipping costs. Pressing options are available if you feel your books could use some love prior to submission to improve the grade.
Email direct with any questions richhenncomics@gmail.com


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