Two Books With The Same Cover Art 1977 Marvel Spider-Man

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Pair Of Spidey Books Variants 1977

Thanks for checking these out!  Great Vulture cover art was re-used for the pence weekly in 1977.  The Cockrum/Giacoia original cover art for Spec. Spidey #4 was re-used later that year (1977) for the Super Spidey #240 (September 14, 1977) black and white weekly (10th Captain Britain in title for that run) which carried 5 pages of the Vulture story plus a new art splash page.  Also, a 7 page Captain Britain story (Pablo Marcos Studio), 10 page Fantastic Four story (1973), and 8 page Avengers story (1974).  Cool Warlock pin-up on the back cover!

Best wishes, David




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