Conan the Barbarian issue - Conan trapped in a garden/oasis, told that somewhere inside with him is the Devil/Death? Turns out to be the least-expected creature?
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Hey Everyone! 

Trying to figure out this issue of Marvel's Conan the Barbarian that I read as a kid. From what I can remember, he's traveling through some inhospitable desert and stumbles upon a Biodome-style oasis that I think he gets trapped in the moment he walks in. He's then informed that somewhere inside is the earthly incarnation of Satan himself? Or Death? Something along those lines. And that this would be his one opportunity to kill it. 

As I recall, he makes his way through killing a couple of terrifying beasts, and then I -think- comes across an infant child. And says something to the effect of "Screw you, I'm not killing a kid. If its Satan, I'll kill him in 18 years" or whatever, and somehow leaves. Then as I remember, the last panel is something you never would've considered, like a random turtle or salamander, more or less winking at the panel and you realize the infant kid WAS a human kid, and Satan/Death was the turtle. 

Does anyone know what I'm talking about/what issue this was? It's proving absurdly hard to find thru Google. I believe it was early 80s.

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