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Howdy, howdy, howdy all!!!  Welcome to my second, more comprehensive, SA/BA sales thread.  Sorry, no GA's!! :(

I'm selling these books because I will no longer send in comics for grading, but I am looking to invest in a couple SA/BA CGC SS slabs from another board member from any sales here.  Or not....we shall see. :whistle: lol

For those of you that have visited my Modern Age thread in the past, I've listed my entire collection in that thread (mostly) and pulled everything out pre-1985.  I've got over 100 raw comics, so I will take my time with this thread.  Some of you know how OCD I am when it comes to listings and good pictures. (thumbsu


Rules, many frickin' rules!!! :pullhair: lol

No HOSer's or Probies allowed...NO EXCEPTIONS.  If you're on my ignore list, you'll know it. :gossip:

I'm only shipping to U.S. buyers....sorry Canada.:sorry:

I will ship Media Mail, but please PM me and let me know if you'd prefer Priority. (worship)

No returns for buyers remorse, disagreements with grade, or drinking way too many Natty's or Seltzer's. :whatthe:  If there are issues with your shipment after arrival, take photos and PM me.  I'll work with you on that. (thumbsu

Payment forms accepted are checks and money orders.  I am slowly taking my business away from PayPal every since they switched to Shipstation shipping.  I'm not a fan.  If you prefer PayPal, PM me and we'll talk.  Checks/M.O.s need to clear/arrive before I ship comics.

First :takeit: in the thread trumps PM negotiations. :roflmao:

Offers are welcome.  Any questions, please PM me.


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*UPDATE---4/11/22*  I recently realized that the prices for each listing (starting page 7) and the recap below may be confusing some people.  I accidently started adding the cost of Media Mail shipping to the price of the comic.  No one contacted me about this...I figured it out on my own. lol  Because my plan is to ship comics using Media Mail (up to one pound), I will not charge for Media shipping and I've updated the prices to reflect the change (again, page 7 and on, plus the recap).  If anyone wishes to have items shipped using Priority, please PM me and we'll work out a deal.  Sorry for any confusion.  I'm getting old and can't think straight without my Geritol (do they still make that?). :shy:  Thanks for your patience and humor.  Any questions, don't hesitate to message me. (thumbsu


  1. Action Comics #298---CGC 5.0, OW Pages                                    $45
  2. Justice League of America #78---CGC 7.5, OW/W Pages             $90
  3. Amazing Spider-Man #140---FN/VF, or better                                 $30
  4. Amazing Spider-Man #143---VG/FN , or better                               $15
  5. ARRGH! #2---FN-, or better                                                              $10
  6. ARRGH! #3---VF-, or better                                                              $15
  7. ARRGH! #4---VF-, or better                                                              $15
  8. Avengers #125---FN, or better                                                         $15
  9. Batman Annual #5---GD, or better                                                   $20
  10. Batman Annual #8 (direct)---FN/VF, or better                                 $7
  11. Brave and the Bold #91---GD+, or better                                        $7
  12. Brave and the Bold #92---VG-, or better                                         $10
  13. Brave and the Bold #155---GD, or better                                        SOLD
  14. Captain America #280 (newsstand)---VF-, or better                      $4
  15. Creepy Things #3---VF, or better                                                     $15


  1. Detective Comics #343---GD+, or better                                $12
  2. Detective Comics #355---FN-, or better                                 $30
  3. Detective Comics #404---FN+, or better                                $45
  4. Detective Comics #427---GD+, or better                                $10
  5. Detective Comics #509 (direct)---VF-, or better                    $8
  6. The Eternals Annual #1---FN+, or better                                $15
  7. Fantastic Four #144---GD, or better                                       $8
  8. Fantastic Four #164---reader (moisture damage)                FREE
  9. Fear #31---FN+, or better                                                        $15
  10. Ghost Rider #60 (direct)---VF, or better                                $10
  11. Ghost Rider #79 (newsstand)---VG/FN, or better                 $6
  12. G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #19 (2nd print)---reader    FREE
  13. Green Lantern #119---FN-, or better                                      $6
  14. The Human Fly #1---VF, or better                                           $15
  15. The Human Fly #2---VF+, or better                                        $10
  16. Man-Bat #1---FN/VF, or better                                                $5
  17. Marvel & DC Present, featuring The Uncanny X-Men and the New Teen Titans #1 (newsstand—detached center-wrap)---GD, or better                                                                $5
  18. Marvel Fanfare #1 to #9 (lot)                                                               $55 (all 9)

               +#1---VF, or better                                                                            $13

               +#2---VF, or better                                                                            $8

               +#3---NM-, or better                                                                         $9

               +#4---VF, or better                                                                            $7

               +#5---VF-, or better                                                                          $6

               +#6---FN/VF, or better                                                                      $5

               +#7---FN/VF, or better                                                                      $5

               +#8---VF-, or better                                                                          $6

               +#9---VF-, or better                                                                          $6


  1. Marvel Feature #4---VG, or better                                                      SOLD
  2. Marvel Premiere #2---FN/VF, or better                                               SOLD
  3. Marvel Premiere #61 (newsstand)---VF+, or better                          $10
  4. Marvel Spotlight #7 (newsstand)---FN/VF, or better                         $15
  5. Marvel Tales #103---FN/VF, or better                                                  $4
  6. Marvel Team-Up #15---FN, or better (Copy 1)                                   SOLD
  7. Marvel Team-Up #15---VF-, or better (Copy 2)                                  SOLD
  8. Master of Kung Fu #17---FN, or better                                          $35
  9. Metal Men #43---VG/FN, or better                                                      $6
  10. ROM #1 (newsstand)---VF, or better                                                  $30
  11. Savage She-Hulk #3---VF, or better                                                   SOLD
  12. Savage She-Hulk #4---VF+, or better                                                SOLD
  13. Savage She-Hulk #5---VF-, or better                                                 SOLD
  14. Star Wars #6 (Whitman)---GD+, or better                                         $5
  15. Star Wars #70 (newsstand)---VG-, or better                                                            $4
  16. Star Wars: Return of the Jedi #2 (newsstand)---reader (moisture damage)        FREE
  17. Star Wars: Return of the Jedi #3 (newsstand)---reader (moisture damage)        FREE
  18. Strange Tales #170---FN/VF, or better                                                                     SOLD


  1. Strange Tales #171---FN-, or better                                                                         SOLD
  2. Strange Tales #172---VG/FN, or better                                                                    $15
  3. Strange Tales #173---FN-, or better                                                                    $20
  4. Superboy (and the Legion of Superheroes) #242---VG+                                  $6
  5. Teen Titans #25---GD, or better                                                                          $5
  6. The Phantom #45 (vol. 5)---VG-, or better                                                         $5
  7. The Sandman #1 (Kirby/Simon)---VG-, or better                                               $10


  1. Tomb of Dracula #3 (1st Rachel Van Helsing)---FN, or better                          $60
  2. Vampirella #51---FN/VF, or better                                                                       $35
  3. Vampirella #95---FN/VF, or better                                                                       $30
  4. Werewolf By Night #27---FN, or better                                                              $10
  5. What If? #28 (Miller’s Daredevil)---FN/VF, or better                                         $10
  6. Marge's Little Lulu #198                                                                                      FREE


  1. Batman and the Outsiders #1 (newsstand)---VF-, or better                                                                   $12
  2. Batman and the Outsiders #2---VF, or better                                                                                           $6
  3. Batman and the Outsiders #3---VF, or better                                                                                           $6
  4. Batman and the Outsiders #4---VF, or better                                                                                           $6
  5. Batman and the Outsiders #5---VF-, or better                                                                                          $5
  6. Batman and the Outsiders #6 (newsstand)---FN/VF, or better                                                                $5
  7. Batman and the Outsiders #7---VF-, or better                                                                                          $5
  8. Batman and the Outsiders #8---VF-, or better                                                                                          $5
  9. Batman and the Outsiders #9 (newsstand)---VF, or better                                                                      $6
  10. Batman and the Outsiders #10---VF-, or better                                                                                        $5
  11. Batman and the Outsiders #13---FN/VF, or better (Batman origin recap)                                              $6
  12. Batman and the Outsiders #14---VF, or better                                                                                          $6
  13. Batman and the Outsiders #15---VF, or better                                                                                          $6
  14. Batman and the Outsiders #16 (newsstand)---FN/VF, or better (Halo origin...again)                             $5
  15. Arion, Lord of Atlantis #4 (direct)                                                                                                               FREE
  16. Creatures on the Loose #10---GD, plus or minus (1st full King Kull)(Lee & Kirby, and Wrightson      $13
  17. Chamber of Chills #6---VG, or better (John Romita pencils)                                                                    $10
  18. Savage Sword of Conan #72 (direct)---VF-, or better (1st, and death, of Rayla)                                     SOLD


  1. Savage Sword of Conan #100 (direct)---FN+, or better (Joe Jusko painting art)                                    SOLD
  2. Savage Sword of Conan #101---FN+, or better (Michael Golden painting art)                                        SOLD
  3. Kull and the Barbarians #2---FN, or better (Neal Adams, Berni Wrightson)                                            $17
  4. Beyond the Grave #3---NG (Steve Ditko work)                                                                                           FREE
  5. Black Goliath #3---GD/VG, or better (Tony Stark appearance)                                                                 $4
  6. Creatures on the Loose #33---GD/VG, or better (tape)(Kane, Romita, Janson works)                           $4
  7. Forbidden Worlds #129---FN+, or better (4th Magicman)                                                                          $17
  8. Journey into Mystery #17---VG+, or better (reprints)                                                                                $7
  9. Incredible Hulk #207---FN+, or better (Defenders appearance)                                                                $6
  10. Incredible Hulk #225---VF-, or better (The Leader appears)                                                                      $5
  11. Incredible Hulk #230---VF-, or better (General Ross appears)                                                                  $5
  12. Incredible Hulk #231---VF-, or better (Moonstone appears)                                                                      $5
  13. Incredible Hulk #229---VG/FN, or better (2nd new Moonstone)                                                                $7
  14. Incredible Hulk #233---VF, or better (Marvel Man appears)                                                                       $6
  15. Incredible Hulk #238---VF, or better (President Jimmy Carter appears)                                                   $5
  16. Incredible Hulk #252---VF-, or better (direct)(Woodgod appears)                                                             $4
  17. Incredible Hulk #263---FN+, or better (newsstand)(Avalanche & Landslide appear)                              $4


  1. Incredible Hulk #286---VF+, or better (direct)(Kang soldier appears)                                                       $3
  2. Incredible Hulk #288---VF-, or better (direct)(Abomination & Modok appear)                                         $3
  3. Legion of Super-Heroes #297---VF-, or better (direct)(Legion origin retold)                                           $3
  4. The Many Ghosts of Doctor Graves #53---VF, or better (Charlton)(Steve Ditko art)                               $6
  5. Marvel Chillers #5---GD/VG (Tigra featured)                                                                                               $3
  6. Marvel Chillers #6---VG (Tigra, Red Wolf, Lobo)                                                                                        $4
  7. Monsters on the Prowl #10---VG/FN (Ditko/Kirby works)(The Roc)                                                          $8
  8. The Omega Men #6---VF-, or better                                                                                                             $3
  9. Omega, The Unknown---NG (cameo appearance by the second Foolkiller)                                            FREE
  10. Power Man #20---GD+ (Gil Kane cover)(MVS attached)                                                                             $3
  11. Red Sonja #6---GD+, or better (Frank Thorne works)                                                                                $3
  12. Secret Romance #40---VG+, or better (Charlton Comics)(Art Cappello cover)                                       $5
  13. Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #161---VG, or better (Frankenstein/Dracula cameos)                              $7
  14. Tomb of Darkness #23---GD/VG (final issue; reprinted stories)                                                                $5
  15. Tragg and the Sky Gods #7---FN, or better (Whitman Publishing)                                                            $7
  16. Twilight Zone #55---VG/FN, or better (Gold Key)(Walter Simonson work)                                                $5
  17. Twilight Zone #60---FN, or better (Whitman Publishing)(Jack Sparling work)                                         $7
  18. Uncanny Tales #2 (1973 series)---GD+ (reprinted stories)                                                                         $3
  19. Uncanny X-Men #151---FN, or better (direct)(Claremont/Cockrum works)                                               $6
  20. Uncanny X-Men #152---VG/FN (direct)(McLeod/Claremont works)                                                            $4


  1. Uncanny X-Men #189---FN/VF, or better (direct)(Romita, Jr./Claremont works)                                       $5
  2. Weird Wonder Tales #12---VG- (Kirby/Drucker works; Haag, The Hunter)                                                $5
  3. Where Monsters Dwell #28---GD (Kirby cover; reprints origin/1st Droom)                                              $4
  4. Where Monsters Dwell #31---VG/FN (Kirby pencils; reprints 1st Warlord Kaa)                                        $7
  5. Worlds Unknown #3---GD/VG (Romita/Andru works)                                                                                  $4
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JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #78 (Gil Kane cover), CGC 7.5, OW/WHITE PAGES.  This issue features the 1st Silver Age appearance of Vigilante, as well as the 1st appearance of The Doomsters.




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Amazing Spider-Man #140.  This issue features the 1st appearance of Gloria Grant, as well as appearances by Grizzly and the Jackal.

FN/VF, or better.






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Amazing Spider-Man #143.  This issue features the 1st appearance of Cyclone, an appearance by Jackal, as well as a cameo by the clone of Gwen Stacy. Apparently, this is the first issue where Peter and MJ first kiss. Woo hoo!!!

5.0VG/FN, or better







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ARRGH! #2.  This issue features appearances by Frankenstein's Monster, Dracula, and Wolfman.  Gotta love these covers!!!

5.5FN-, or better.










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Arrgh! #4.  This issue features appearances by Nightstalker (TV), Dracula, and the Hunchback.  Of course, their names were changed in this parody.

7.5VF-, or better









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The Avengers #125.  This issue features an appearance by Thanos, along with Black Panther and Scarlet Witch.

6.0FN, or better





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Batman Annual #5 (Summer 1963).  This issue features the 1st appearances of the Zebra-Man and The Daredevils.

This issue is probably considered a reader copy, but still in decent condition.  The pictures speak for themselves.  This one was a bit tricky for me to estimate a grade, so be gentle.  One thing to note: the back cover is detached from the upper and lower staples, so it has been handled delicately.  It is still attached by paper to the front cover.

2.0GD, or better













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Sorry about all the photos, people.  I just prefer for everyone to see what I see, if warranted.  Some listings may only include a couple pics if there aren't that many defects.  Thanks!!! (worship)

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Direct edition copy of Batman Annual #8.  This issue features appearances by Robin and Ra's & Talia Al Ghul.

7.0FN/VF, or better







Edited by Galen130
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Brave and the Bold #91.  This issue features an appearance by Black Canary.

2.5GD+, or better.  I dinged my grade estimate on this one pretty hard because of a couple tears on the front page edge.










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Brave and the Bold #155.  This issue features an appearance by Green Lantern.

2.0GD, or better

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Newsstand edition copy of Captain America #280.  This issue features an appearance by Scarecrow.

7.5VF-, or better






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Creepy Things #3, Charlton Comics.  The cover for this issue was done by Tom Sutton.

8.0VF, or better.  This copy is actually missing the top staple, but I believe it's a production issue.  There are no holes evident in the center wrap to show that there was ever a staple.









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Alright, fellow collectors…it’s just about time to get some listings posted, starting with a few TECs. (thumbsu

As I stated in my announcement post, we now have 2/3 days of cold, snowy weather here in Colorado.  I usually make myself available to help pull people out of the snow wherever I’m needed, since I live close to a major highway AND interstate.  I usually volunteer mornings for about 4 or 5 hours.

It’s amazing how many dumb-:censored: can’t drive in snow these days…most of them aren’t from Colorado.  We’ve got a lot of transplants here, mainly because of the ‘green stuff’.  My friends and I usually pull people out of ditches, etc. that can’t handle an AWD or 4x4.  Just because they think they can, doesn’t mean they should. :facepalm: 

I had someone pull a sidearm on me once because they didn’t know why I was there, in the dark behind their vehicle.  I forgot to hail them with my CB’s external speaker.  They were from Arizona (I think)…they accidentally ejected the magazine right in front of me. lol  I always carry under my coat…you never know who you might come across. (shrug)

But I digress!  Enough storytelling.  I’m thawed out now, hot coffee in hand.  I’ll crank’er up here shortly. :banana:

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