Moondog's Ashcan Odyssey - Part 3

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On 2/26/2022 at 12:00 AM, Moondog said:

What really put my ashcans, and all ashcans for that matter, on the map was when Gary Carter asked me to contribute a complete feature for Comic Book Marketplace 71 in 1999.  It was a 12-page article that included a complete (up to then) census of every known DC ashcan.  It also featured every image of every ashcan in my collection.  I highly recommend this issue to any serious Golden Age collector. 

When I sell my last 4 ashcans it will be the end of a nearly 4-decade quest to accomplish something no other comic book collector has ever done.  In fact Sol Harrison himself didn't have the Supergirl ashcan!   I've said this before but it demands repeating - owning something no one else on the planet has is pretty cool. 


CBM 1.jpg

CBM 2.jpg

CBM 3.jpg

CBM 4.jpg

CBM 5.jpg

CBM 6.jpg

CBM 7.jpg

CBM 8.jpg

CBM 9.jpg

CBM 10.jpg

CBM 11.jpg

CBM 12.jpg

CBM 13.jpg

Kind of like owning original art, all one of a kind, 1 of 1.

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On 2/26/2022 at 12:13 PM, 50YrsCollctngCmcs said:

Thanks for posting this history. I’m gong to have to pullout that CBM and read again; I remember when it came in the mail on publication.

Great issue.  Besides the ashcans it also has Jon Berk’s feature on Lamont Larsen.

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