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Well, pulled the trigger on my likely forever copy of ASM 129. Couldn’t resist. So I will start by parting with my current 7.5 -more will likely be added later- offers are welcome! Send away. That being said: PayPal preferred, however zelle is also accepted and other terms could potentially be agreed upon via pm. As usual, first ‘I’ll take it’ in the thread supersedes all negotiations and PM’s. Feel free to make an offer, however, I’m likely already close US shipping is via USPS Priority. $16 for the medium flat rate box. Insurance is the buyer's choice, and will cost whatever the USPS rate is. Returns are allowable up to 5 days after receipt on the raws, graded books are graded, however if due to case damage I will accept returns or a mitigation plan. As always no probationary bad boys. 

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