How to prep a blank sketch cover with protective flap?
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Hi there, I was directed to post this question in this forum:

On 3/16/2022 at 4:52 PM, Skwerl said:

Hi there. I'm not really a noob, but I'm considering sending in a blank sketch cover for the Jon Bogdanove signing event, and I haven't ever done that before. I met Jon at ComicFest '93 in Philly when I was a little kid, and he did a Supes sketch on a backing board for me, that got lost somewhere along the way. I'd love to replace it, with a sketch on a blank comic. So I'm looking to pick up this version of Superman #1 (2018), but I see that it has a glossy blank flap over the "real" (blank) sketch cover. Will CGC remove that front flap when they grade and encapsulate it? Or should I? I don't want green on the label and I obviously don't want the sketch covered. And I want the Superman logo & issue number showing. Thanks in advance, and sorry if this was answered elsewhere! Couldn't find it in a search.




Will CGC remove this protective cover so the slab will display the sketch? Any way to avoid a green label here?

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Hi.  I don't know if CGC will remove that outer protective layer for you (you could always email Signature Series and see if they will do it), but it is not that hard for you to do on your own.  I have done it several times.  While holding the book firm enough without damaging it, line the staple end along the edge of a desk (preferably with a squared edge vs rounded) and then slowly & carefully rip the outer cover downward away from the book (it should rip off easily along the fold line).  The back part should remove easily since you just removed the other half.  Sometimes, depending on how tight the staples are, you may get a little bit of the outer cover caught in between the staple and the actual sketch cover.  If that happens, I just use small tweezers to pull the piece(s) out.  That's how I remove that outer cover at least - maybe others have a better way of doing it that they can share.

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