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Today, I have a few odds and ends with no real plan of what I'm going to post.  Hopefully, I'll put up some things folks are interested in.

The standard stuff:

I accept Zelle (I think this is the way to go now), USPS Money Orders, checks and PayPal (reluctantly) unless otherwise noted for any specific book or lot; books cannot be shipped while payment is outstanding. Please, no HOS or Probationers. The buyer has three days from the day of receipt to inspect purchases and books must be returned in the same condition as when they were shipped. Buyer is responsible for return shipping costs unless they're being returned due to an error on my part. Disagreement over grading is not an error; enough scans should be provided so that doesn't happen.  Payment will be expected within 48 hours unless sending a check or money order by mail or unless otherwise agreed to.  You just have to let me know what your plans are and I expect to hear from you within a reasonable amount of time after your purchase.  This helps me get my shipping out to everyone quickly without having to make separate trips to the post office to ship one package at a time and I appreciate that courtesy.  I reserve the right to cancel sales to buyers who don't follow through in a timely manner after making a purchase in the thread.

Unless otherwise noted, 1 to 4 raw books will be a flat $9.00 shipping in the continental US plus the cost of any necessary insurance (which I strongly recommend).  Double sized books may count as two.  Over 4 raw books will be up to $16.10 for Priority Flat Rate Medium box.

One to three slabbed books will be $16.10 Priority Flat Rate plus the cost of insurance and any necessary tracking (again, highly recommended), and exact shipping for more than that (also in the continental US). I can mail to some places outside of the U.S. for exact shipping costs but check with me as there are currently some destinations I can't ship to.

You're welcomed and encouraged to PM me with offers but the first unconditional :takeit: in the thread trumps PM discussions. You know..., the usual stuff. :)

Additional scans are available for any book upon request.

I also have a Copper/Modern thread going which can be found here:

My kudos thread: https://www.cgccomics.com/boards/topic/241444-jim-corrigans-feedback-thread/

Hopefully, I've covered all of the bases. Thanks for looking.

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Posted (edited)

Photo Journal Guide to Marvel Comics, Deluxe Limited Edition # 1122 - Ernst W. Gerber  $150 Sold!


The Deluxe Edition of the Photo Journal Guide to Marvel Comics, limited to a print run of 2500, combines both of the standard Marvel volumes into one high quality, bound edition.  Protected by both an attractive glossy dust jacket and a sturdy slipcase, the combined book and slipcase weigh in at a hefty 7 pounds.  The book itself is an oversized 9 3/4 inches wide by 13 3/4 inches tall with the slipcase being slightly larger in each direction.  The faux leather book covering is padded underneath (I don't believe the standard volumes are) giving it a very elegant feel.  The paper is a quality, bright white stock with a glossy finish.

The Deluxe Edition has a few extras not available in the standard editions.  Each copy of the Deluxe Edition is individually signed on the title page by none other than Stan Lee, himself, so you not only get this stunning collection of Marvel comic covers but also a coveted Stan Lee autograph.  Mine is neatly signed in blue ink.


The Deluxe Edition contains 7,950 cover photographs, including 16 pages of Atlas covers not included in the standard editions.  Among those are cover photos for Tales of Suspense 1-18, Tales to Astonish 1-19, 52 of the first 69 Journey into Mystery as well as many other Atlas titles.

Here's a picture of the book without slipcase:


... and some interior pages of cover photos...

856784251_04MarvelinteriorpageToS.thumb.jpg.0dbc3cd366e0e807606320f412a93471.jpg     469728456_05MarvelinteriorpageAS-M.thumb.jpg.73525f232dd9876630a72cac7fb4f072.jpg

In addition to the cover photographs, there are lists of relative value based on several factors which accompany each title.

I've tried to maintain the book as well as possible but there are a few signs of age.  After all, it is almost 32 years old...


and views of the corners:


17629956_10Marvelcornersreartop.jpg.544fede63480b22f35dc5f083e784a8e.jpg      568570835_11Marvelcornersrearbottom.jpg.bfbec906be26ff3213fd0328b9d24822.jpg


Some pictures of the wear on the slipcase:




One last thing... there's a small impression on the back (directly to the left of the penny) where something got inside the slipcover and the book lay on top of it.  I don't think it's very noticeable but a bit of the cover flaked away.  You won't see it with the dust jacket on.


This should qualify as media mail so shipping domestically plus insurance should be around $11.

I've spent many enjoyable hours looking through this and I hope the buyer will enjoy it as much as I have.


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Posted (edited)

Photo-Journal Guide to Comic Books, Volumes 1 & 2 - Ernst & Mary Gerber  $125  $112.50  Sold!

This is the two-volume set of mostly GA cover photos.  As a point of reference, Batman covers run up to issue 150.



The two volumes contain 21,000 cover photos between them.  The books are the same size as the Marvel volume, 9 3/4 inches wide by 13 3/4 inches and each book weighs approximately 6 pounds.  Both books are in excellent condition, showing very little signs of their age.  (I wish I'd looked that good at 32!)

Shipping will be by USPS Media Mail and should run approximately $15 with insurance plus tracking.

Here are several interior pics.  Sorry they're a little blurry.






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