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Hi there, I'm new on here and just thought I would ask this question. What has to be on a card for it to be rejected for grading. For example an energy card that has been drawn on not an autograph, I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be gradeable but thought I would still ask. 

Thanks in advance 

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Here are a few examples:

Specific trading card restrictions


CGC Trading Cards does not certify counterfeit cards. A counterfeit card is one manufactured by anyone other than the official company that produces it.

CGC Trading Cards will not grade any card that has been altered to create the deception that it is a rarer version; for example, turning white borders black or changing the set symbol.

Rebacked cards are not eligible for certification by CGC Trading Cards. In most cases, rebacked cards are produced by sanding the face of one card and the back of another and gluing them together.

Certain cards are deemed not suitable for certification on a case-by-case basis; for example, a card with significant missing pieces or with structural integrity issues.

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