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Good morning,

Thank you for your message.  When entering items into the form you will want to check the title listed in the indicia and select that from the drop-down menu.  When the correct title is selected the form will autofill the remaining fields and you make your selections from the drop menus to select the specific comic/magazine from our database.  Keep in mind this functions similar to a library catalog; do not use articles such as "A, an , the" in the title.
If you are unable to locate the specific title in the drop-down menu because it is either a brand new item or a unique item that CGC has not yet graded then you may manually enter the book information using the "ADD NEW" button located in the drop-down menu.   When items are manually entered into the form as opposed to making your selections from the drop-down menus the system does not recognize the book and may not be able to accurately quote the fees nor suggest any eligible custom labels for comics. 

If you have any other questions, you can reach us at 877-662-6642 or by email at Thank you!

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