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No returns on CGC books, raw books are can be returned within 14 days Grading Satisfaction Guarantee for any reason, I accept paypal or money order/check.  I have been selling huge mega keys on the boards for many years, check my Kudos feedback below.  USPS boxed Priority Shipping with signature confirmation is a flat $15 on CGC books no matter how many books you buy ($7 for 1st class/raw in a box or envelope with boards with bubble wrap and signature confirmation), Canadian shipping will be actual shipping costs.   All books are priced at or well below GPA going market prices to give my fellow board members great deals, but reasonable PM/Offers are welcome.


All purchases above $400 are also given optional payment terms up to 4 months+/- (with a 10% or more deposit) to help you out with timing of funds, getting your next bonus/pay check/tax return/big sale etc.

Amazing Spiderman 299 Cameo Venom CGC 9.2 GPA $186-193 Board Price $175

Amazing Spiderman 300 Origin & 1st Full Venom GPA $600, book is unpressed and could really use it, looks like it could hit 8.5 with some improvement.  Board Price $550

Avengers 195 CGC 9.6 1st Taskmaster! $130 gpa Board Price $100

Avengers 267 cgc 9.6 Kang storyline (main enemy in upcoming movies) Low of $130 to $244 prior year gpa.  Board Price $130 with good bump potential if the movies rock. 

Batman 313 CGC 6.0 and 7.0 Rare Whitman Logo Variants  GPA seems to range $225 to $265 from some time ago, variants have seemed to heat up quite a bit since then.  Board Price $200 6.0 and $245 7.0.

Batman 359 cgc 9.6 1st Dan Jurgens work, 1st Killer Croc Cover GPA $150 Board Price $125

Batman 366 cgc 9.4 1st Jason Todd as Robin, Rare Canadian Price variant  Only GPA comparison is $345 on a 9.6 from 2 years ago well before the Canadian variants really started shooting up in value.  Board price $275

Eternals #1 1980s Series HGCGC 9.8 High price $315, $175 2021 GPA, I paid $260 last year! Board Price just $145

Ghost Rider 1 CGC 9.6 $140 GPA and going up fast Board Price $125

GI JOE #1 CGC 9.4 GPA $363-$372  Board Price $335

Green Lantern 201 1ST Green Lantern Corps Rare Canadian Variant GPA Appears to be in Mid $200 range on outdated comparables with variants mostly going up.  Board Price $225

Marvel Age #12 CGC 8.5 Key 1st Venom cameo that pre-dates ASM 252.  $120 GPA, Board Price $110.

Edge of Spiderverse 2 cgc 9.8 scarce 5th printing to 1st Spider Gwen.  GPA $247  Board Price $220

Star Wars #68 cgc 7.5 1st Mandaloria GPA about $200 Board Price just $175

Thundercats #1 CGC 9.6 key 1st Beloved super hero team from 80s TV show! GPA $325-$440  Board Price $335 Over $100 Below prior 12 month GPA

Wolverine #2 cgc 9.8 $135 GPA Board Price $115

Wolverine #4 cgc 9.6 Signature series Claremont, Rubenstein, Simonson Few comparisons range $221 to $425  Board Price $225

X-Men 282 1st Bishop CGC 9.8 gpa $290-$328 Board Price just $275!  (I have multiples of this book and 283 in 9.6/lower, just inquire for a deal!)

Marvel Team Up #65 cgc 9.6 1st Captain Britain Hot! Prices going up fast across the board $462 gpa.  Board Price $435

Morbius Living Vampire #1 cgc 9.8 $161 and rising.  Board Price $150

TMNT Raphael #1 cgc 8.5 Key 1st TMNT spin off and 1st Casey Jones GPA $526 to $639 Board Price $475

Sandman #1 8.5 GPA 182-192 Board Price $175, 9.4 Gpa $295-$328 Board Price $295.  Sandman series on Netflix is coming up soon!

Sandman #8 1st Death cgc 9.2 gpa $195-240  Board Price $185

Sandman #22 cgc 9.6 1st Daniel   $100-$119  Board Price $99

Spectacular Spider-Man 64 cgc 9.8 1st Cloak & Dagger Hot, Prices Rising across the board $757 average, but most recent sale $910!  Board Price $750 ($160 Below the most recent Sale!)

Spectacular Spider-Man 98 cgc 9.8 1st Spot!  gpa $329 to $428  Board Price $345

X-Men 137 CGC 9.8 Death of the Phoenix! Recent gpa $763 Board Price just $675




asm 300.jpg

asm 300 back.jpg

asm 299.jpg

avengers 195 9.6.jpg

avengers 267.jpg

batman 313 vf whitman.jpg

batman 313 whitman variant.jpg

batman 366 canadian.jpg

batman 393 croc.jpg

batman killing joke.jpg

eternals 1 9.8.jpg

ghost rider 1 9.6.jpg





morbius 1 9.8.jpg

raphael 1 8.5.jpg

sandman 1 8.5.jpg

SANDMAN 1 9.4.jpg

sandman 1 back.jpg


SANDMAN 22.jpg

spec spide 64 9.8.jpg

spec spidey 98 9.8.jpg


STAR WARS 68.jpg

thundercats 1 9.6.jpg

wolverine 2 9.8.jpg


wolverine limited 4 signed.jpg

xmen 282 9.8.jpg

xmen 137 9.8.jpg


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Somehow all my work on prices got deleted just before I hit submit.  Darn dog walked over my keyboard.  Working on it right now!  :facepalm::ohnoez:

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On 4/3/2022 at 8:53 PM, TC33 said:

Somehow all my work on prices got deleted just before I hit submit.  Darn dog walked over my keyboard.  Working on it right now!  :facepalm::ohnoez:

Thanks but still missing Bats 366 price. 

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On 4/3/2022 at 8:54 PM, Chaz G. said:

Thanks but still missing Bats 366 price. 

Got it fixed.  Thanks

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On 4/4/2022 at 4:43 AM, Max Carnage said:

Where's first Boba Fett please ?  SW 42 I believe.

Star Wars #68 CGC VF 7.5 1st Mandalorian! GPA about $200, board discount $175, $100 less than what sellers are asking on eBay!

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:news:  Many great deals to be had on some major modern keys and rare Whitman/Canadian variants all below GPA market prices!  :takeit: Grab your modern grail now or shoot me a PM!  ^^

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