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Hello all,

My sales thread in January went quite well and I will be listing the books that failed to sell.

1. All prices are in USD and are firm.

2. Shipping discounts will be given for multiple purchases.

3. All prices include UPS standard shipping to the USA and Canada, originating from Canada.

4. Acceptable forms of payment from the USA are wire transfer, bank draft, or check.  Please note that payments by check will be subject to a 2-week processing time.

5. Acceptable forms of payment from Canada are wire transfer, bank draft, e-mail money transfer, or check.  Please note that payments by check will be subject to a 1-week processing time.  Canadian buyers may elect to pay in CAD instead of USD, using the conversion rate on date of purchase.

6. Returns are only allowed if there is damage to the slab that affects its integrity.  Claims must be made within 7 days of receipt.

7. A notification in the thread or via PM are both acceptable forms of purchase.  Time stamp will determine the buyer in case of multiple notifications.  Unconditional :takeit:trumps any negotiations or conditional/qualified purchases.

8. If you've claimed books from me before and stiffed me on payment, don't even bother.  I keep good records.  If you've made amends, welcome back! :foryou:

I think that's it and that I've covered everything.  I ask for patience as I list all of the books.

Thanks everyone,


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