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Hello! I want to send out a HUGE apology to everyone and definitely want to say that I'm embarrassed by the situation. Things got really hectic in that sales thread and I'm 100% sure that everyone got what they paid for. If anything fell through the cracks, let me know. I will completely make it right!

As for me, and as some of you know, I'm moving to Belarus permanently so when the war started I had a bit of a panic attack. I'm not sure if many of you understand the politics of what's going on in Belarus or Eastern Europe in general but sanctions against Russia that have been put in place have also been fully put in place against Belarus due to the Western world considering Lukashenko an illegitimate President and his coalition with Russia. I don't want to get into politics of course on the boards so I'll leave it at that.

My fiancee works in a government position in Minsk. The primary concern at the time was that the war was going to cross the Northern border and into Belarus, causing a mess in Belarus much the same Ukraine is in now. I flew back to Minsk, mid March preparing to get her and her son out if needed with plans to go to Tbilisi, Georgia as Belarusian's can stay visa free in Georgia for up to a year. 

Once we realized things were going to be okay because the more time that passed the less likely there was going to be a spread, I went back to Turkey (because of sanctions due to the Ryan Air incident it is difficult to fly into Belarus other than from Istanbul, even before the war started). Because Ukraine was now a no-fly zone, the flight took 3 times as long crossing over Russian airspace and making its way to Turkey. From Turkey I went to Warsaw and waited for some friends that were escaping Kremenchuk, Ukraine. I helped them get an apartment. From Warsaw to Bulgaria to do the same thing for a girl I know from Kherson, Ukraine which really suffered a lot. My friend slept in a stairwell for 3 weeks because of all the bombing.

I still have many friends that are currently still in Ukraine, specifically Kremenchuk which is geographically dead center of Ukraine. Russia bombed a shopping mall which resulted in 21 deaths. One of my friends there sent me the photo I've attached. She was there when it happened.

With all of that said, I am back in the States only long enough to finish selling off the rest of my belongings. At this point, most of the money I've raised has gone to helping friends/family because of the bank sanctions and such it's sometimes costing a lot to move money around. It changes daily also. Sometimes the conversion has a fee as high as 30%. Inflation sucks in the US but in countries where the average wage is less than $300/month, people are really struggling.

I half-way kid when I say this, if anyone is looking for a Ukrainian girlfriend/wife, I know plenty that are looking for ways to get to North America.  

I don't have a specific date as to when I will be going back. It's more a matter of selling off the rest of my belongings, which I'm very close to being finished with. 

I'll probably list the remainder of the books I'm selling either end of this week or beginning of next week. Things will be very negotiable because I'm needing to move as soon as I can. It sucks being away from loved ones, especially under the current situation.


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