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I signed up for a $150 membership yesterday not realizing the grading prices have hiked. Just minutes after signing up I emailed CGC In hopes to cancel the membership and get a refund since I will not be using the service. I still have not received an email back. Has anyone experienced something similar to this? 

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This is posted in in our FAQ about membership cancellation.  Do to a large volume of e-mails, It may take customer service a while to answer your e-mail.  I recommend waiting a while and see what they say.

Because of the benefits of your membership, a prorated refund is not available. However, if you have signed up for auto-renewal and wish to cancel your membership (and have not used the grading credits that come with certain membership tiers), you may receive a refund of your membership dues. The request to cancel must be in writing within 30 days of auto-renewal and emailed to CGC Customer Service at


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