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Does anybody else wish they could cuddle with their favorite books, or maybe just swim in a pool of them, like Unca Scrooge Duck in his pool of cash?

Is it less weird if you keep your underwear on?

(Parenthetically, I always wondered why Donald Duck would wrap a towel around himself when he comes out of the shower, but then go about his everyday life without pants.)

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You'd be enveloped by the acrid smell and rough texture of raw newsprint, all around you.

Some might find that too much, but many true fanboys would disagree.

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On 4/10/2022 at 4:46 PM, Gaard said:

You want weird? I'll give you weird.

Back when I was first dating my wife (now ex), she wanted us to spread my comics out on the floor and...

I guess she wasn't too picky about condition...  :bigsmile:

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