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Rules Of Engagement

(1) These books are not listed on the Comicana Direct site, nor eBay or our Facebook page. You're getting first crack at them.

(2) Payment will be via Paypal Goods & Service.

(3) Postage for one book will be $10 for standard Air Mail from the UK to anywhere in the world. Extra books in the package will be $3 each. If you want tracking and insurance, we can discuss.

(4) You can talk to me via message but the book will go to whoever claims it first in the thread.

(5) Visits to the Post Office occur twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays, so your books will not take long to be on their way. Delivery times from the UK to north America are usually 10-14 days but delays can occur so don't immediately panic if it takes longer.

(6) If you're on the Probation list, your business is not welcome.

(7) Books can be returned within seven days of receipt.

(8) I have no idea whether these books have been previously pressed/cleaned so assume that they have.

(9) We will only ship to north America, Europe and the UK.

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