*CLOSED* 15% off all remaining! Early Sgt. Fury Run (2-31 missing a few)
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I had put together a decent early run, but then parted ways with some keys in other pursuits and have decided to put more focus toward my X-Men and ASM collection… so here is what I have, some quite nice, others pretty rough —-  Offers are welcome! Send away. That being said: PayPal preferred, however other terms could potentially be agreed upon via pm. As usual, first ‘I’ll take it’ in the thread supersedes all negotiations and PM’s. US shipping is via USPS Priority. $16 for the medium flat rate box (up to 2 slabs). $8 for an envelope (up to 3 raws) Insurance is the buyer's choice, and will cost whatever the USPS rate is. Out of country shipping can be negotiated via PM. Returns are allowable up to 5 days after receipt on the raws, graded books are graded, however if due to case-damage I will accept returns or a mitigation plan. As usual no probationary bad boys. I will likely let this sit until at least Friday before I push out invoices and shipments begin, however, if in a rush, just hit me up via pm and I can work with you. I’ve done business with quite a few individuals on here that can hopefully vouch for how easy going I am to work with. 

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