RE-opened: 3 Slabs for sale: ASM #252, X-Factor #5 & Batman #43
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Hello Everyone,

I have some books that I would like to move. Please have a look to see if anything interests you.




No probation or Hall of shame people allowed please

First "take" in the thread, wins the book. I'll try to mark it as sold if sold via PM, but if someone beats us to it, then they win it. Hope that makes sense. 

Shipping Costs:

United States: $22.00 USD for first slab and $5 each slab after that (3 slab max in a box) (shipped via USPS, therefore no border concerns/taxes/etc)

Canada: $22.00 USD for first slab and $5 each slab after that (3 slab max in a box)  (shipped via Canada Post, with a tracking number)

International: Please message me for a rate/quote.

Payment Method: 

PayPal, EMT (if you're in Canada) or Cash (if you're local)

Return Policy: 

No returns on CGC graded books, unless there was damage during shipping. If that's the case, please notify me of any return within two days upon receipt of package. 


People can make reasonable offers by PM. However, please remember the first "take it" in the thread wins the book.


Please see feedback here:


Furthermore, I'm peulyen on ebay. Although I haven't sold books on there, there's still good feedback there too:





These are available: 


1.) Amazing Spider-Man #252 (May 1984, Marvel)  CGC 9.6 White Pages $415

2.) X-Factor 5  (June 1986, Marvel)  CGC 9.8 White Pages $95

3.) Batman #43 (October 2015, DC) CGC Signature Series 9.6 White Pages $65



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On 4/15/2022 at 11:09 PM, lucjan said:

1.) Booster Gold #1 (February 1986, DC Comics) CGC 9.6 White Pages $130 $120


Has been claimed via PM and paid for. Thanks!


3 more books left... let me know lf anyone needs these.


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